My Visions Are Winning… :)

Few days ago I wrote the words:

Domestic means to produce in Russian Federation or maybe Novorossia with RF joined to Novorossia? 🙂

They were inserted into post When Novorossian Space Exploration?. It concerned science-fiction but was connected with other ideas knocking in my mind when reassessing events touching New Russia development (Novorossia) and her future for all Russians. In Putin’s and his stooges context, it is obvious.

It was pure coincidence.

Today I found two short text on the same concept.

New horizons “Russian Spring”
17.11.2014 – 12:21

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce a new section of our site “Russian Spring – The Future”, which will inform you about the latest achievements of scientific and technical thought – both in Russia and abroad; about how despite the war and the bombing learning, invents and creates the rebels Donbass; finally available for the non-specialist language will tell you what’s right the legendary “British scientists” and what is not right to interpret their research journalists.

Stepping into the future with us!

Scientific editorial Board of the “Russian Spring”

(Click to enlarge)

New Russia space of the future against the archaic medieval community
17.11.2014 – 14:56

(Click to enlarge)

New Russia historically as the antithesis of humanitarian archaic. It is the cradle of Russian industrialization, where he built the world’s most powerful rocket and created the most reliable in the world plane. By a combination of objective circumstances of this earth cannot be part of a pseudo-European ethnographic Disneyland. We talk with the Chairman of the Parliament of new Russia Oleg Tsarev.

One excerpt, read the remaining questions and answers in Russian Spring – The Future page.

Which of Ukrainian cities you would call a full-fledged science city, similar to Novosibirsk? Can this role be eligible Donetsk? What high-tech industry survived on the territory controlled by the militia? Is it realistic of them to create advanced economy?

– I’ll talk about all of the New Russia. This is a unique place on earth, where in the same geographical area, at a distance of a couple hundred kilometers are simultaneously deposits of coal and iron ore raw materials. Nowhere in the world there. Even in tsarist Russia it is the birthplace of the industrial complex. The unique features of this site is to add a convenient ports: Mariupol, Odessa, energy sources: different origin and “plant” and nuclear energy. Here and Kharkiv as the center of student life, the center of training, engineering and intellectuals. All this together constitutes a single economic complex, all these are inseparable and interrelated at all possible levels. Cutting the new Russia at the Donbass and “the other territory” is unthinkable. Because it is the cradle of Russian industrialization. Saving the new Russia, the Russians will retain the ability to design and build planes, ships, to explore the space. And losing – risk unlearn. So the battle for the new Russia, which is now underway is a battle for the future of the whole of the Russian world.

Shooting Donbass, Ukrainians are fighting with yourself. Comes to them that without the conservation of the industrial potential of Novorossiya (don’t even need to bomb the city, just enough to stop the plants) Ukraine back will turn into a Wild field – state, which is able to feed a population of only 15 million people.
This is included in the plans of Western strategists. Country gardeners of greater number of people and you don’t need. The rest of the population will become unclaimed, will go to work. It’s a paradox, but now the new Russia is fighting not only for the future of the Russian world, but also for the future of Ukrainians as a people.


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