A Real Saintdom of Igor Strelkov? I Bow My Head in Answer!

i want to give you a little bit of a personal assessment here, which i suspect you will find rather incomprehensible
niqnaq, November 15, 2014


Niqnaq words on Igor Strelkov who has a role to perform during development of Novorossia. Perhaps.

/My emphases/

What it is is, I am up against a contradiction which goes a bit beyond the capacity of my rational mind. As you know, I spend a lot of time reading the well-known so-called “Secret Forum”. I still feel quite bashful about giving the URL for this, because only quite rarely does anyone do so, even on Colonel Cassad (and never on El Murid). It isn’t really ‘secret’, but the pretence that it is, is widely respected. Anyway, Strelkov posts on there quite frequently.

And the contradiction is, he does seem to be a real saint.

People appear on there from time to time who are quite abusive towards him, and he responds to them with, well, the patience of a saint. But at the same time, I continue to be convinced that the entire legend and cult of Strelkov is something artificially concocted by the FSB, with a view to some long-term plan, which may even involve challenging Putin (or his successor from United Russia, who will probably be I Ivanov), for the leadership of the country.

Now, how can Strelkov possibly be a saint, and at the same time, an agent of the FSB?

Well, we’re dealing with people who have much firmer moral structures than we have. They genuinely believe in the mythology of the Hero, or to be more explicit, the mythology of the Sleeping King who will awaken from his age long slumbers and return to save Russia just when she is in such peril as to be beyond all human help. You get me?

The FSB, or whoever runs them all, is so sophisticated that it can play with this motif, not using transparent stooges and play-actors that the likes of you and me can easily detect as phonies, but using real saints. But how can someone like Strelkov possibly be a ‘real saint’ if he knows – as he must know – that he is being manipulated by supreme planners far above him who are so sophisticated, as I said, that even ‘real saints’ are just pieces on their chessboard?

Well, my feeling is, he knows, but he just doesn’t care. There is an element of readiness for martyrdom in this. He knows that he is just a puppet, but he doesn’t care. He will continue to do his best to be a ‘real saint’, regardless. He must have been an odd fish in the FSB.

No wonder they ‘retired’ him early. This is beyond the call of duty, or even sanity – RB

Echo of Moscow: “Girkin is our President!”
5-08-2014, 02:53 • Publ.: Apolitikus


According to the voting conducted by the “Echo of Moscow”, Girkin Putin will win in the vote on the website from 29% vs. 20% , and on the phone – 64.2% vs 35.8%. At least among the audience “Echo of Moscow”, which took part in the voting.

Maybe a joke, maybe not. Putin wants integrations with all and with the Western world especially. Blind alley.


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