When Novorossian Space Exploration?

Components of foreign production for PH “Hangar” will soon replace the domestic

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Used in the new Russian rocket “Angara” items overseas production will be soon replaced by domestic components, told reporters, Deputy Director of the center. After Yuri Bakhvalov.

Domestic means to produce in Russian Federation or maybe Novorossia with RF joined to Novorossia? 🙂

“Indeed, there are several items of foreign manufacture, but we are now looking for a replacement. All components and blocks missiles are produced in Russia,” he said. Development programs of import substitution Russian authorities began amid Western sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, which was not recognized by the USA and the EU. The substitution applies to all sectors of the Russian economy, and primarily affected by sanctions.

The family of “Angara” is created by Center Khrunichev and includes a variety of classes – from light to heavy capacity from 1.5 to 35 tons. Run heavy version of “Angara” is scheduled from Plesetsk at the end of 2014. The first manned flight of the heavy “Angara” must be completed in 2018, with the Eastern spaceport in the Amur region. The first test launch of “Angara” light class was successfully launched from the cosmodrome “Plesetsk” July 9.

From Roscosmos: Run heavy rocket “Angara” satellite will occur in the period of 2016-2017 years

Angara (rocket family) (Wkipedia)


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