New Blog “New Russian Weapons”


I decided to fork Rise High Novorossia to new blog New Russian Weapons.

I will begin with new entries but through the time I will move all Russian military issues from this blog to new one.

I read and saw a lot of interesting posts in Russian. They are minced through Yandex or Google translations of course. Sometimes I read in Russian too, when I am convinced the resulting translations are pure trash, alas, very frequently.

To say the truth, all of the prime translations need corrections. If I got strength I did it, but there are times I’m not able to polish mostly the Yandex “works”, so I publish them in horrible state. I’m sorry but I do what I can.

So, welcome all fans of Russian newest hardware! And with my hand on my heart I may say new images are excellent and very interesting. in other words Russian propaganda work well and 24/7!

Best regards
Przemysław Pawełczyk
/An Admirer/

P.S. To entice you to read new blog see below one of very good pictures of Russian aircrafts.

From The Irkut Corporation has transferred to the Ministry of defense batch of Yak-130, Su-30CM


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Debian user who's fond of Yandex, Vivaldi, Links2 and Firefox browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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