Evgeny Fedorov – Conversation 7 Nov 2014

Interview with State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov November 7, 2014.


Talk about a jump in the dollar and the Euro, higher prices and taxes, fifth column in the government and the Central Bank, the preparation of the revolution in Russia, the deliberate destruction of the Russian economy, the people on the street and U.S. Ambassador to overthrow Putin.

0:00:00 – intentional deterioration of life in Russia
0:03:09 – the fifth column in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
0:05:49 – as the Central Bank destroys the Russian economy
0:08:25 – the future of higher prices and taxes, increased unemployment
0:08:57 – as the Russian people betrays his country
0:12:14 – prohibition of development of Russia
0:19:41 – poor England
0:20:28 – as the Central Bank spit on the President
0:22:53 – why CB increased the key rate
0:26:04 – CBR – foreign Bank, subject to the foreign host
0:27:03 – plan U.S. Ambassador for the preparation of the Maidan in Russia and the overthrow of Putin
0:32:30 – who manages the ruble
0:40:23 – as the Central Bank, in violation of the Constitution deliberately weakening ruble
0:44:43 – the intentional destruction of the Russian economy
0:45:43 – how are you going to destroy Russia
0:47:10 what would you choose people to destroy their own country or to protect her
0:54:37 – U.S. agents in the Russian government
0:55:57 – why Putin made a “Day of national unity”
0:58:35 – that will clear it
1:01:02 – riot police in Central Bank
1:03:56 – why go outside
1:10:21 – the beginning of a hot war against Russia
1:12:28 – the headquarters of the revolution in Russia
1:13:13 – UN about the elections in the new Russia
1:14:27 – that was not shared by two French President
1:15:58 – Donbass: southern front of Russia in the war against the U.S.

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Evgeny Fedorov – Deputy of the State Duma, http://eafedorov.ru/
Maria Katasonov – people’s liberation movement, http://засвободу.рф
Artem Voitenko – Educational TV, http://poznavatelnoe.tv/

Artem Voitenko: The hot news for today and for the next few days is the appreciation of the dollar and the Euro. That is, the dollar is now forty-seven rubles and eighty-seven cents on this day, today. Euro fifty-six roubles fifty-four pennies. Moreover, the Central Bank increased its key rate.

Maria Katasonov: Up to nine and a half.

Artem Voitenko: Yes. And all this com. Here some analysts, the statement of the Central Bank, no one understands that, why is growing. Now, will you tell us, please, what’s the matter.

Marcia Katasonov: Still, yesterday was amended in the tax code, according to which municipalities can enter regional charges by twenty-two points. And also propose to increase the tax on sale of real estate. I think the situation will continue to worsen, will be more and more taxes on different types.

Evgeny Fedorov: have You started to think geopolitically. That is, Artem asked a question that we can answer as we have propaganda experts of the knowledge society, how to fool people, say: “Is some set of coincidences”. No set of coincidences. That is, there is a system of a sharp deterioration of life of Russian citizens. Putin about her and spoke in his message during the Crimea, which will act national traitors and fifth columnists. He said the national traitors in Economics. And we talked about this a year ago. What is there for someone awesome?

That is, there is exactly one process, which could not happen. Namely, not stripped in Russia’s fifth column trains in Russia overthrow Putin by a sharp deterioration of life of citizens, formation of their discontent, and on the basis of this discontent, the organization of the Maidan and the overthrow Putin. Naturally, the elimination of the Russian state and the Russian nation along with the residents of Russian cities and regions. That is, of course, is the massacre at some stage, compared with which, the massacre in Donetsk is just an absolute triumph of law and justice. That is, it will be really millions dead, because the elimination of Russia, this is the last war of the United States of America, as they deem. Therefore, they will do their best. It is absolutely obvious and simple thing, which was many times in our history. Nothing now new is happening. Specifically, this plan, it will be split into elements of the plan, and each has its own role. You cannot win under a fifth column. It is impossible. There had never been the victory.

And Russia, thank God, war and national liberation movements, wars were won thousands of times: the national liberation movements on the major and five minor more. That is, never had a victory was no cleaning of the fifth column. Even once. All hundreds of times, thousands of. Even once. It does not happen. If you allow the fifth column in the country, you can’t win. And the fifth column is not in the forehead goes. In the forehead, it’s already groups of saboteurs, as in the suburbs, by the way, has already appeared. A fifth column working in government. Each has its own function.

What is the function of the Central Bank? Something with which you started the question. The function of the Central Bank to strangle the Russian economy. Why he does this function? Because he is a fifth column, subordinate to the United States of America. Moreover, if you raise the Central Bank act, you’ll see, or not see in him a lick on the Russian economy in General. That is, in the law on the Central Bank references of the Russian economy no. Just as no state references on the ruble: the coat of arms of the unknown state, and so on. And the Russian state binding on the ruble not. So it is here. But, on the Central Bank in the law it is written that he operates on the basis of international agreements. That is, Russia had not, and the international agreements it has. That is, it is written in Russian that the Central Bank is subject to foreign control, and the Russian is not subject. Translate into Russian for the slow-witted.

What do you want from him? Because they are experts, but they also believe that they are not brilliant professionals strangulation of the economy. They, of course, it turns out, but they have attracted special American firm that has helped. The company is called Wyman (Oliver Wyman consulting company). Specializing company in the strangulation of the economies for which the sanctions of the United States. So right before her in the position of the company and it is written: “You want to destroy our economy? Invite our firm”.

And the Central Bank, because it has no proper experience, invited. And today’s the fall of the ruble is the result of the management of this company by the Americans.

Artem Voitenko: Oliver Wyman, I believe it’s called.

Evgeny Fedorov: Wyman, Yes. This is the result of management. What do you want from him? This is a special unit of the U.S. in Russia, which used to collect, but since February this year, she added feature is the elimination of the Russian Federation, and they do it.

I am more than will tell. I have no doubt that now the Central Bank will try to do everything possible to botch the ruble at least about fifty, sixty for the New year. Then, when it will start riots hungry pots, the leadership of the Central Bank, headed Simonovsky go abroad that they promised political asylum. All they was done.

Maria Katasonov: Today, the Central Bank said that after the New year they hope to stabilize the ruble. That is, until the New year we can’t wait confessed.

Evgeny Fedorov: No, wait, the Central Bank, we are responsible for the ruble. He has given the reserves that the ruble to keep. This is sometimes asked: “what should a Central Bank?” The Central Bank should behave, according to the Constitution, is absolutely stupid, and automatically.

– Pressure on the ruble? Throw dollars of foreign exchange reserves, which has more in two and a half times than all cash ruble mass. That is, there is no problem.

Loose pressure began to rise roubles – purchasing dollars. This is a bad principle. This principle is called the principle of operation of the underdeveloped States, as the Central Bank said. But, at least it perform.

In fact, the Constitution protects the people of Russia from the Central Bank, predpisov Central Bank support of the ruble. Because the Central Bank – he was a foreign agent and the fifth column, but the Russian Constitution, although it is occupying at least the elements of protection against him laid. And it violates the Constitution because it does not support the ruble. That is, he considers the Russian economy even as underdeveloped, and as above underdeveloped, which do not even need to support the national currency. It’s just an attitude, as…

I don’t know, even in the colonies of such a relationship is not, as the Central Bank in relation to Russia. Because in the colonies even if Central Banks keep the national currency. They grobet economy, they have a high interest rate, but at least they keep the parity of the national currency:

– The demand for currency – throw dollars.
– The demand for dollars – throw the national currency.

That is, for this and foreign exchange reserves. This is today’s currency reserves, as would melt, as he says, a year ago they were growing up. That is, they breathe, but it should. This colonial status. He of course, bad, but he is so registered. That is, they breathe. Last year they grew, because the ruble was trying to strengthen. This year they melt because the ruble is trying to weaken. So what? The Central Bank did not abandon emission from buying dollars and euros last year, when he gained currency reserves. Now if he hadn’t started to gain currency reserves and the ruble was not thirty, and let us say, twenty-five. But, he didn’t say, “I Have now the exchange rate down. We now have a currency corridor not fifty, and now, twenty-five.” Did not say. But he quietly bought up dollars in mass quantity, not straining. And now, when the reverse situation: “I’m not going to do it.” Why? A simple question. Why don’t you? Why a year ago you were buying dollars, and now refuse to buy rubles? Although it direct your function according to the Constitution. Silence. Understandable, because he has commanded US. But they hesitate to say, so they just keep quiet.

Maria Katasonov: that is, in the future, we should expect higher taxes and prices?

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes. In the future, we expect higher taxes, prices, closing dozens of plants, unemployment. For part of the population, the poor, that is, a certain percentage of the population will be degradation just to polugologo: for families, even for someone.

Artem Voitenko: As in the nineties was.

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes. But this man-made policy. It is the policy of foreign agents in Russia, they do not even hide. And to oppose this policy may only national-liberation movement in the broad sense. That is, the national leader, plus the people. National leader turns to the people, and says, for example, on Poklonnaya hill: “Come on guys, support me, I want to deal with the Central Bank. He that wants to fight, spoke in two Epistles, the state Council, in dozens of interviews. But he has no powers to fight.

He refers to people, and says: “Come, help me, people. You want to live, damn it, okay? Help me to cope with the fifth column”. Comes nineteen thousand people on Poklonnaya hill. Hello family, and the Central Bank. After this what? The ruble went up.

The second time Putin is drawn through the month: “Come on Tverskaya. You see, kirdyk comes the country.” Seventy-five thousand people. This is called – we spit on your country, and yourself. And then, after three months, these, with hungry pots, they will run, and will say:

– “Why we drove from work? Oh, and what I have in the fridge with nothing to eat? And what am I going to feed the children?”

Where were you when you asked for a national leader to help the country to save her, and that was not your personal fall in living standards?

– “And I was picking his nose in front of the TV”.

Well, and all. Then forget normal life. You made a choice. Your choice – the betrayal of the country. In the future you answer for it to start falling living standards. And then bloody Affairs in Moscow – the second part of your choice. But it is your decision.

Now, they say: “if Putin would call me”.

Called. What? Nor-th-th. All. The doors closed. Of course, he will call again, will try to grow at the expense of the people. Probably will be more people, but the level will drop. Will be more in a couple of months, I think, because the children will be hungry to drive the Pope from the TV. Yes. But the level will fall.

Artem Voitenko: some people will go against Putin.

Evgeny Fedorov: Even better, fine. So, in this case, the hungry child who throws the Pope, he will be in the hands of bandits, then, after another three or four months, that’s all. Is the choice of people.

Artem Voitenko: They don’t understand.

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes that’s their problem. What do not understand, well, morons. Well, morons, and pomerite. Who will be saved? Morons, no one will be saved. You have chosen. You chose to die? Yes pomerite, please. Here at the Donbass people decided to cash in when it was necessary to save his country in Kiev. Have earned. Now they dig and dig with their hands tied behind his back. Here. You have chosen your fate, guys. Here is your great-grandfather and grandfather, chose a different fate. He decided to defend their Homeland. And you decided to betray. He survived, and have begotten you. And you didn’t survive, and you buried it. It is your decision.

Maria Katasonov: more Questions after this.

Artem Voitenko: as You will tell… But I would like to understand nevertheless, that affects the exchange rate. How this happens. Simply, on the website of the Central Bank, he also reporting posts. I’ll add it. Currency international reserves, they were in last year, we had a year ago, five hundred twenty-two billion dollars. And now we have four hundred and fifty-four. That is, approximately seventy million less we made them. Still the numbers there are not too different.

Evgeny Fedorov: Ten percent we spent foreign exchange reserves. And before that, we for two years at ten percent of them increased. What difference does that make? This breath. This iridescent system. I say again – it is very bad, it is colonial, but it at least protects the stability. Now, can the country develop.

In order to develop the country, it is necessary for the Central Bank to implement principles of the functioning of the Central Banks, the so-called developed countries. This is not the other people. Principles, chief among which is the low interest rate. This is the main principle. That is, the English Central Bank, the Japanese, all European, French, German, Portuguese, Polish (they have such CB), the American fed – all work on the principle of low interest rates. This means that the currency is tied to the national wealth and the economy, and put it in its economy, and at the same time and in our in investments due to the zero rate.

Our Central Bank operates on the principles (and he says) underdeveloped economies and markets. That is, he holds high interest rates, not letting the national currency into the country. That is, prohibited by national investments, foreign. It is a sign, they say underdeveloped state. And we are talking about is a sign of colonial status, that is, in the colonies. In the colonies investments come from Metropolitan areas, so arranged system of the colonial economy.

Artem Voitenko: But on the website of the Central Bank, he has a interest rates on Bank of Russia operations. That’s right document. And change these any different rates. Interestingly, I looked at that for a long time… All the credits for some reason are either on one day or, here’s a three month period. But the fact that longer than two years, are loans backed by gold. That is, if I have the gold, they’ll give me two years money. Any loans, secured by non-market assets or guarantees. That is something else.

Evgeny Fedorov: It is said that no loans. If you have gold, it is money. That is, you have the money, and you were allowed to take the credit, with interest for what you the money paid to the lender. So it’s not a loan. It is simply the exchange of collateral, that’s all. You in exchange for your gold gave the credits, as if they call you with interest give. So you could have this gold to sell, and the same to get, without any credit. So it’s not a loan. This is not a loan.

Artem Voitenko: However, here it is written.

Evgeny Fedorov: why just one day? It’s very simple. Because our Central Bank is organized banks only for the cash gap. That is, for ongoing operations. That is, conventionally speaking, you need to sell refrigerators to do this, you need to buy refrigerators. You trade. You took out a loan, bought a refrigerator, a week later they were sold. The loan was returned. But not on investment. Investment is the construction. And construction, it is three to five years.

Artem Voitenko: Yes. Plus production.

Evgeny Fedorov: If you want to build, you should contact the German Bank, or Polish, or Czech, or in Portuguese, which you before sanctions would give the loan at four percent, four to six. Would have given a loan at four percent for Russia. And the Russian Bank cannot. That is, we believe that the Portuguese Bank in Russia may invest under four percent, and investing. Because we have foreign borrowing to seven hundred billion dollars, for the purpose of investment. And Russian is prohibited. So this institution. That is, the Central Bank prohibits Russia to invest in yourself. Now to be clear. Only for the purpose of cash gap. All. But this is not investment.

And in order to run inward investment, it is necessary to do a very simple thing to reduce interest rates to zero. That is, to equate the Russian banking system, I don’t know Czech or Portuguese, Greek, there is still. What is the most derogatory word in European countries, from the point of view of the credit system, but I don’t know, find. The Romanian.

Artem Voitenko: The Countries Of Eastern Europe.

Evgeny Fedorov: Any. They all have it. For the Romanian economy set us and allow banks to invest in the country. Reduce interest rates to zero, remove the Basel 3, or lowering the standards to two to three percent of output, as they did, nothing new to do. And you will go to cash. This flow of money, we counted twenty – five trillion, at least. And even now, with the fall of the ruble – thirty. Why twenty-five, thirty? It is only in the first year. Because this is the amount of foreign loans. That is, twenty five, thirty trillion is seven hundred billion dollars that we have on foreign loans. That is, it is money that naturally emits the Central Bank is not additional money into the economy, this substitution in the economy to foreign loans.

That is, this means that we instead of dollars will be credited rubles in the same amounts and on the same conditions. That means zero inflation, and the start of economic growth. So, yesterday, this Volkswagen (Volkswagen), which is located in the Kaluga region, belonged to the German Bank, which it credited, today he will belong to one of three hundred Russian banks. And that’s all. Change owner: loans, which means that the owner of the production.

That is, nationalization will happen. And this will automatically bring down inflation to zero, and the start of the investment process in the country, how it works in other countries. But, unlike other countries, from Japan to the poor, where it works, or England poor, in Russia – third of the world’s wealth. That is, this means the demand for the ruble, because behind him is a huge growth potential, because, trust growth. Do not trust the economy, trust in the potential. Confidence in the potential. Now, behind him a third of the world’s economic wealth that has been created by our ancestors, and not they themselves fell from the sky – at the expense of the vast territory of the country.

This means the demand of the Russian rouble is not only in Russia but also worldwide as a reliable currency, which is not connected with the dollar as it is now, and is connected with the national economy and natural resources. That means only the first year twenty-five, thirty trillion rubles. And in the second year, twenty-five, ten, twenty – easily. Because, begins the start of national production, a sharp rise. But imagine what is to inject into the economy instead of dollars, rubles in the amount of twenty-five, thirty trillion dollars. This means that you begin to build tens of thousands of plants, in which, of course, jobs at plants the same people, the builders to start, and then workers. Technology, you start to buy. You have the salary. Moreover, in order to attract factories, wages should rise. Because have the same wages to attract people. Here is the growth not only of the economy but also the social sphere in the first year.

– In the first year – on investment in the industry.
– And the second year – in the whole economy.

And nothing tricky here. This automatic scheme that operates in dozens of countries. This scheme is called typewriter, but for themselves. Not for my uncle, as England prints for us. Poor England prints for Russian money. In General, think about it. England, poor as a Church rat, which has only the printing press, Russia prints money, and builds plants in Russia. It’s like in General? This money. Rich Russia, which has a third of the world’s wealth. That is, the whole system is changed from feet to head.

But in order for you to change the system, it is necessary to solve the political issue with the fifth column, the Central Bank. As a political issue tied to the military question ninety-first year: Russia, Soviet Union, lost, pays tribute, operated from the outside is laid down in the Constitution.

And then choose either the path of legitimacy of a national leader.

That’s why I resent the betrayal of the people? Putin, he’s the President, it is a foreign word. The President (foreign words) two functions. All presidents.

It is the function of guarantor of the Constitution, that is, the notary. What is this feature? This means that decision a certain system, and power, and clans, if you want. And the President looks only to these decisions were made by a procedure that was not a violation of procedure. Conventionally, voted the law to all MPs voted in the majority. Issued a decree to the signatures have been collected. That is, just guarantor procedural question. He has no right to manage. You do not know a case, that the President said “Make” and someone else made. If you think about it – not this.

Artem Voitenko: what do you mean? Everyone knows that he orders, and…

Evgeny Fedorov: Where? He Central Bank has ordered dozens of times to cut interest rates. Yes spit the Central Bank to these orders with a high bell tower. Moreover, in the open, in a corrupted form. The President orders him to the state Council: collected governors, “order”. After two weeks, the Central Bank forum “Russia calling” is called, where he says publicly, I watched the interview guide CB: “Because in Russia is underdeveloped economy and markets, we decided that interest rates are suitable for us”.

Spit on the President called. A month later, he says, “And now they do not suit us, they are low. That is, the President says

– “Reduce”.
– “We will increase”.

And raised. What? And who’s the boss? And, by the way, legally raised. Because, the Central Bank is subject to the Americans, not the President of Russia. The command was given by the Americans – and they raised. Because, those given command of sanctions and the weakening of the Russian economy. All. Called the company Wyman this. She advised, and the increased interest rates, brought the ruble, and everything else – all as expected the enemy to do. They do like supposed to make enemies.

The reason I know that they will lift up to fifty, sixty? Because they are enemies. And I understand that will make the enemy to get us stronger hit. It will be the most, like in Ukraine, the enemy will be most Grad rockets burn through the cities. The Central Bank will be firing on the Russian economy. Here’s what he can, and will scorch. And then, when you start the riots, he’ll just get our things and leave management. And that’s all. So they have a plan.

Artem Voitenko: I Understand. Return to the Central Bank. Here on these loans, which are the key rate. It appears that a period of one to six days one week, and all. What then is the point in raising this key rate, if the week, it’s still nothing?

Evgeny Fedorov: the Objective of the Central Bank is not to give money to the national economy. And if you give, then, only on a cash gap a little bit. That is, it’s function is. The stakes are high, the key is not to give money at a high rate. Rate to determine the barrier, fence, between the exchange, where the us dollar, Euro and ruble spinning, and the Russian economy. That is, in order to let the ruble in Russia. Why not let? So this is the place to release for the dollar. That is, the Central Bank will not allow the ruble to this place took the dollar.

What is seven hundred billion of foreign loans in Russia? It is twenty-five, and was now thirty trillion rubles. And Russian cash weight how much? Seven trillion. We have today of dollars in Russia, consider how much is four times more than cash rubles. Already today. So the question: “what is the currency in Russia is working?” If the ruble exchange four times more than the foreign exchange, then, in General, whose territory?

Artem Voitenko: So in the nineties all the dollars were calculated with each other.

Evgeny Fedorov: And now. Only now it has gone into investments. So whose territory? This occupied territory. They released this one ruble, and Hitler in his time released occupation REICHSMARK. My father was in the occupation as a kid, I left those marks, they lie somewhere in the house. Occupying REICHSMARK released – it is a derivative of the German brand specifically for the occupied territories. But they are for the occupied territories issued the following rubles, in small quantities, a quarter only, compared to cash. Because, if we compare with cash, it turns out there somewhere half.

Artem Voitenko: But then why raise the key rate? What does it play?

Evgeny Fedorov: This will play to strengthen the barrier. Now, you walk along the fence, and there, behind the fence, something is raging, namely the Russian people, who wants to live. And you see: “There’s something smallish. Can jump, if strongly pressed by hunger. Let’s we will raise in advance, a meter or two”.

Here it is. In the nineties this rate was two hundred and fifty. Because there was very raging hungry people – high fences had to be placed. Now smaller. Then look, still need to increase. Boosted.

Artem Voitenko: what do you mean? Banks will be less to borrow money from the Central Bank. Here for a week only, for a week.

Evgeny Fedorov: They never will he take. The week is also a limiter. The Central Bank can take only a week at high rates to cover the cash gap a little bit, and all. This fence slightly parted, rather, through the top they have thrown something, but said, “day After back throw. On the value of increased interest rates”.

This is a purely shallow cover cash gaps along the banks, and all.

Artem Voitenko: it Turns out that our Central Bank, it is generally our economy is not credited in any way?

Evgeny Fedorov: Of Course. It’s function is.

Artem Voitenko: he even here you can see on this data, it is impossible to lend at these rates.

Evgeny Fedorov: Well, finally, you started to see the paper. We talk about it for twenty years. Of course. This is not our Central Bank. This is a foreign Central Bank in Russia. Now I actually quoted the law on the Central Bank, where it is said, again, I remind you, Wake up: the Central Bank no relation to the Russian economy has not or one word or one line. But, he’s written – he is a subordinate of the United States of America, because he runs an international Treaty. Moreover, he has written that he is affiliated with the IMF, because it is the Depository. He’s got a lot of things written in the law. It is not our story. The Central Bank, which on Neglinnaya, foreign Bank in Russia. If you see this, then you have the whole picture will be. He behaves quite logical. He as well as the U.S. government, participates in the strangulation of the Russian economy and the state, in the preparation of the revolt against Putin – this is its function. This is the fifth column. When Maidana and tires on the streets, is already the end of the process. As to the process to prepare, it is necessary that the agents of the USA, the fifth column dropped standard of living. And here and there Machines question.

Look, the American Ambassador to the plan, which he has successfully worked in Georgia, Ukraine, and so forth. His plan is written directly order his agents, and fifth column. Now, he has written:

– Central Bank to bring down the ruble.

To raise interest rates to prevent the economy money, for what? To stop even those construction projects that went. Its the fed and their organizations to stop admission to Russia at the expense of sanctions, that is, foreign lending. That is, that the Russian economy has not been able to take the money neither the Central Bank nor abroad. Nowhere. And died. That is, eat nothing, it will simply cease to exist. Point by point it is.

– Livanov their tasks in relation to the Ministry of education.

– In Moscow city, the fifth column of the Moscow mayor’s office to arrange access to the streets of bellantonio for the purposes of Maidan, and deny access to the national liberation movement, or Patriotic forces. So it is written.

The next item.

– The Moscow mayor’s office to organize the mass dismissal of categories of people, such as doctors, in order to form from among them unhappy. All Moscow city hall, officials, reported to the American Ambassador: “We have this part completed, fired tens of thousands of people”.

Specially rough way, especially now, not a week, not six months ago, when everything was calm. For one of them to create discontent. Not allowed on the street patriots. And launched on the streets of bellantonio and unhappy. For example, the same doctors who naturally would be six thousand people without the efforts of the Moscow mayor’s office is not gathered. Moreover, they were invited at all unknown to anyone, the organization created just before before. That is, it explicitly, purely prepared by city hall officials. This is an obvious thing. This is… This is the training plan Maidan in Russia. Straight points: one, two, three, four, five.

Or, for example, in a counter that Putin holds on Tverskaya street rally. The organizers, for example, Node… we Have one hundred and sixty thousand people. The collection system via SMS messaging and through the portals, and through the Internet. Us, under the pretext (imagine!) what we urge members of the Nod to come on by the President of Russia rally us, it was under this pretext disable the website of the Ministry of communications and Roskomnadzor. It is these days. And not only us, but also to other organizations. For what? For Putin not gathered the people on Tverskaya square. This is the work of the fifth column. Each has its own function. All they did, the American Ambassador them tick set. Already, Mr. Volino (Wolin Aleksey Konstantinovich Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation), Mr. Seslavinsky (Mikhail Seslavinsky V., head of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications) from the words of the American Ambassador, guaranteed refuge in America, when it will begin bloodbath. All. Everyone decides their fate. This is the fifth column.

I understand that we have Nodoze it’s more than three thousand, and in General, more than ten in the country. And in General, seventy-five turned out. But if not here are the steps of the fifth column, maybe it would not be seventy-five and one hundred. Too few. But it is a struggle. There she goes on all fronts. This system works. And Russia is preparing the overthrow of the…

Further. Already, The Department Of State. The oil price decline. They are the maximum is six months. Why do we know that they will arrange a coup attempt this spring? Because they can’t keep low oil prices more than six months. Because they raise China, and create problems of their allies: Saudi Arabia, and so forth. And they explain that: “We, well, we fulfill your order, Obama, but only now, a maximum of six months”.

Therefore, they are in a hurry.

Therefore, the Central Bank did not drop the ruble long as he did before this whole year. And he began to Groat directly on a daily basis. Because they needed to prepare Maidan in Moscow. They have time only until spring.

Them until spring should

– Pikalevo to organize, to organize riots.

And hungry people, a lot of empty pans.

– Banging helmets on the humpback bridge.

They do it in the next three to four months. Otherwise they have no time maneuver. So, all and tensed. It is clear that the Central Bank in this action Palitsa. That is, by hook or by crook, and Putin there OMON will send, and will knock the fifth column, at some stage, when it will be all the bad. This is understandable, Yes. I think it would be that way. But, they have no time. They have their agents do not cherish – Simonovsky and others.

Artem Voitenko: Yes. Nabiullina not heard and not seen in recent times not at all.

Evgeny Fedorov: kicked It there.

Artem Voitenko: Locked somewhere.

Evgeny Fedorov: Well, of course. There, by the way, interesting. The Central Bank even General counsel, Golubev was, in my opinion, resigned (Sergey Golubev, Deputy Chairman and Director of the legal Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation until April 2014). That and napodpomo all these papers. Because, I realized, where the wind blows, there will be criminal proceedings, and it is better to fall down.

Artem Voitenko: If you deal with the rate that influences him?

Evgeny Fedorov: If you asked me now about the Eurozone economy, English or American, I would have told you differently. The Russian economy, the so-called (as they say) are underdeveloped, direct, blunt the release of the national currency, in proportion Treasury dollars, euros and pounds English.

What does this mean? This means that the ruble fell into the economy, it is necessary to buy for this amount of dollars. Consequently, foreign exchange reserves have equal money supply of the country. That is, how much money in the country, so many of the exchange.

Artem Voitenko: 454 billion.

Evgeny Fedorov: And cash rubles – seven trillion, count. This two and a half times less. And all ruble masses that are in the banks, and this Unit M1 – 15 trillion. There’s also additional indicators, but they are, shall we say, controversial from the point of view of their influence on the situation. They are more such formal: all receipts and so on. But your main figures 15 and 7. Multiply these 450 on Today… what is the rate? 42?

Artem Voitenko: Well, Yes.

Evgeny Fedorov: Now multiply.

Artem Voitenko: Now. 454 billion…

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes, dollars multiplied by 42. Or 43 already?

Artem Voitenko: probably 43. Nineteen and a half.

Evgeny Fedorov:
Nineteen and a half trillion. I say again, and figures cash Russian ruble in the back (you can raise the figure) of 7 trillion, and you have 19 (nineteen) reserves. And if you still will RUB on the accounts of banks, the Aggregate M1 – 15, still on order, but much lower: 15 and 19.

I repeat: we have no national currency. So to the word, but the essence is very simple. In order in Russia, as in an underdeveloped country, the national currency is the rouble, this amount must be redeemed dollars and they should be included in reserves. This is exactly what happens. And the task of the Central Bank such underdeveloped countries, which was spelled out in the Constitution, just stupid to keep using these foreign exchange reserves. That has put pressure on the Russian ruble send foreign exchange reserves, reduces the pressure wykopy dollars.

Artem Voitenko: What does it mean to “press”, “reduce pressure”? Who crushes? As pressure? How?

Evgeny Fedorov: anyone crushes: crush sanctions, pressure oil price, presses the panic of the population. That is, factors pressure is a huge number, in life crushes. Artem, you function, you are the driver, carry in the store products. You Dan gasoline. Foreign exchange reserves is like gasoline for this function. You have there: the pedestrian crossed the road, the traffic light is red for a long time burned, the policeman with you quarreled. Is that cancels your function to carry the products?

Artem Voitenko: No.

Evgeny Fedorov: This is life. And currency. On the foreign exchange market all the time there are processes pressure or contravene: back and forth, back and forth. So for this you currency reserves: pressure – supported, the weakening of the pressure – bought. This same system transfusion.

Artem Voitenko: Clear. And the dollar, it depends on what? From trading on the Moscow stock exchange?

Evgeny Fedorov: the Course is specifically determined by the Central Bank in its decision.

Artem Voitenko: And trades on the exchange, no?

Evgeny Fedorov: Proceeding formally from the auction, where he is completely in control of the situation due to the presence of foreign reserves. That is it at the auction says, for example: “the Course will be 1 to 30″. All. All going on the auction know: there will be 1 to 30, though you burst, even though you’re a thousand times speculator. If you are a foreign speculator, you roubles will not be so much because of their already limited. Suitcases, Trucks were taken out – they are still included in these seven trillion, because seven trillion printed. In the entire history of Russia printed seven trillion. Do you have any foreign speculator, you have more than one of these seven trillion, you money to speculate, you will not find. So? So. All. These seven trillion at the Central Bank in two and a half times more reserves. It is impossible to shift the course. Thirty – would be thirty.

That’s the other way is to weaken the ruble. What is to weaken the ruble? It is the speculators came from America with dollars and started buying rubles. Here the situation is different. In this case, they buy rubles, that is, the Central Bank give dollars. The Central Bank needs to print a lot of rubles in order to keep the rate down, that there was 25 or 20, and remained 1 to 30, and that was, three years ago. Where are the foreign exchange reserves were inflated? And they were inflated, that from America many dollars were brought to us. A simple thing.

Therefore, today’s decision about the fall of the ruble is not a market solution, it is the decision of the administration of the Central Bank, specifically with the surnames, names and patronymics. Why we have a criminal case and excited? Because of this decision are specific names of people, absolutely brazen to such an extent that they decided to spit on the Russian Constitution, the President of Russia (they are right), and the law On the Central Bank”.

Here, if you break the law, threatens polovka, and the Central Bank – the same rules: they violated the law, they should face polovka. We on this occasion and addressed. But we, paradoxically (I am someone, can now be confusing will), I am for a floating rate, but only at low interest rates, that is for a different type of economy.

The fact that they brought down the ruble, this is a violation of the law – colonial, but, nevertheless, of the law. And if we change the principles of operation, we introduce a low interest rate, you will have a problem with the strengthening of the ruble: zero inflation and the strengthening of the ruble will be a problem. Here is how it is a problem in Europe, in America, in England. That is, you have absolutely differently, the mirror starts to operate the economy. You have massive investment, you have zero inflation, and you have the problem of strengthening of the ruble, which should be… That is, many will bring dollars to buy rubles, I’m Russian, I say, in this case, dollars, yuan and other currencies.

Artem Voitenko: are you talking about for the future, I want to deal with this.

Evgeny Fedorov: With this? The criminals.

Artem Voitenko: And how these explain that today the results of trading on the Moscow exchange market, the dollar will be worth so much, the Euro was worth so much. This is a lie?

Evgeny Fedorov: No. This decision of the Central Bank, referencing the bid, which he defines this course.

Artem Voitenko: But they say that by the results of trades.

Evgeny Fedorov: I say again, the auction determines the Central Bank.

Artem Voitenko: But he tells everyone that “you buy so much, you sell so much”? He is not giving such instructions.

Evgeny Fedorov: He just says his officials of the Central Bank that today the course is so-and-so. The course will be “pressure” – throw dollars and all (or rubles). Officials sit in this exchange, which, by the way, he can close, if something wrong will go at any moment.

Maria Katasonov: i.e. they form the course and course forms the Central Bank.

Evgeny Fedorov: the Central Bank, of course. The official of the Central Bank as directed by the management of the Central Bank. He sits at the auction and decides the course, it forms the course. After that decorated the officer course, further approved by the Central Bank, as an indication for the banks.

Artem Voitenko: who buys, banks these dollars, rubles? This is what the interbank market, where they exchange money?

Evgeny Fedorov: It’s the currency exchange.

Artem Voitenko: Currency exchange.

Evgeny Fedorov: Currency exchange, which actually formed the course and where the Central Bank and present.

Artem Voitenko: Yes, but the Central Bank it is much larger than all other banks. He gets what he wants, and imposes.

Evgeny Fedorov: No, not just that they want. He is obliged to keep the course is stated in the Constitution, in the law.

Artem Voitenko: the law can be a lot of things said.

Evgeny Fedorov: Sorry, the Constitution does not so much direct instruction, maybe even the only one. But the Constitution you, Artem, does not forbid to Rob banks, you prohibits banks to Rob the law.

Artem Voitenko: Well, Yes.

Evgeny Fedorov: the Constitution of the Central Bank prohibits to weaken the ruble understand the difference? The law also prohibits. That is, the Central Bank regulates the hard instructions more than you, if you want to Rob a Bank.

Artem Voitenko: How much about selling and buying currencies at the exchange? You know? On a daily basis.

Evgeny Fedorov: If the Central Bank will announce tough course of, say, 1 to 30, the volume will drop. Just today because of speculation the volume rises, it actually rocked a wave of speculation. So, today everyone is afraid RUB: they are afraid of the business, they are afraid of citizens. People borrow money from the accounts, changed to dollars and put under the bed, that is the mass. It is the Central Bank specifically rocked this wave. But even in this speculative wave and wave of nerves, he can very easily change the situation. To say that “we return to the Constitution”, and from that moment all believe in the ruble, colonial. We would like to change the system. But today, since we have the colonial laws and the Constitution, then at least follow them. Because at least they give a low, colonial, but stability, and you and the stability of the break. Not only pay tribute, but also break stability.

Artem Voitenko: According to the same Central Bank turns out that he is to maintain the ruble were thrown into the exchange (this month, I mean, today, a month ago) 420-t, for example, millions of dollars, and then he began to throw out at all for two and a half billion dollars daily.

Evgeny Fedorov: so what? If he immediately threw away two and a half when the fall began, a couple of months ago, it wouldn’t exist. These would be two and a half immediately did the trick, and the course would be stopped. And now he was rocking refusal rubles. That is, in Russia began a massive rejection of rubles. But even these amounts are absolutely small-scale Monetary Fund. Even these small amounts. But he did, and these costs are artificial. If he has fulfilled its function strictly as prescribed by the law and the Constitution, it would not have happened. That is, there would be mass abandonment of rubles.

Artem Voitenko: Clear. From the beginning, he would have kept it exactly did.

Evgeny Fedorov: Of Course. Kept and no one would begin to put pressure on him, because there would be panic. All would know to 30 to 30. What should I change? These are my rubles, which I have, they will remain in the same proportions. And now of course people panic run, because they daily from his pocket pulling out money. Do you have small (you have a small pocket), and major business major. Imagine every day rohaut them by 2-3%. Every day business and people are getting 2-3% poorer. Will become nervous.

Artem Voitenko: Of Course.

Evgeny Fedorov: that’s why people are nervous: press and get rid of the RUB. And this has made the Central Bank deliberately, as a foreign agent and the enemy. This, incidentally, is exactly the Elderly is well described, as did the British, trying to bring down the Russian rouble in 1905. That is, it is a long story. Only now they have their own agent in Russia. Then they worked through foreign agents, and now they have a Central Bank performs its instructions.

Artem Voitenko: And then, too, was the agent, this Minister Witte. The same was the same, count Polosukhinsky.

(editor: Sergei Yulyevich Witte (count, Russian statesman, Minister of Finance of Russia (1892-1903), Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire (1905-1906) received a joking nickname “the count Polosukhinsky”)

Evgeny Fedorov: No defeat in the war.

Artem Voitenko: How is it? In Japanese was.

Evgeny Fedorov: In Japanese there, but it’s not such a scale. Not captured territory as the territory of the Soviet Union, not divided country. Accordingly, it is not installed the Constitution, occupational institutions. And the fact that the British… in fact, it is their method. The fifth column is their method. They several times (five times) participated in the murder of the Russian tsars, conspiracies, to change course Russia is their technology and, in the end, won.

Artem Voitenko: But the fact that they’ve now set the corridor in only 350 million (they will be thrown out) and threw the sixth only 350 million, what does that mean?

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes bullying, just insolent generally above the roof. Just plain bullying. This means that they said: “we Spit on your country, your laws, and the President, and all. We will not perform its functions and all. Spit on everything. So decided. So we you, and then this.”

Maria Katasonov: I am interested in more. It is clear now that the economy will be very very difficult. Perhaps it will be the collapse of the economy, that is, the people themselves will feel it.

Evgeny Fedorov: Not “possible”, and it is specially done. That is the task of the Central Bank to organize the collapse of the economy and the impoverishment of the people. It’s his goal. He does this not for anything at all, maliciously, and he does according to plan the destruction of the Russian economy, officially announced by Obama and Cameron.

They said, “We will destroy the Russian economy”.
Publicly, officially.
The Central Bank said: “Feature”.
Minister Livanov said, “There is”.

– The Ministry of Finance with taxes said: “Feature”.
– The fifth column in the Moscow mayor’s office said: “There is”.

And such “is” we do not yet know all.

What is the function of this American Ambassador? He sits and all these who “have”, he puts a check mark, sign timesheets, approve completed work, receives reports from the Ministers of Russia on the preparation of the Maidan. This is his function, he is the expert. They form a situation of crisis. We are very detail, repeatedly talked about what their plan. And we just find out today that they are on this plan going.

Maria Katasonov: Well, now we have reached a situation of utter crisis, imagine. More people take to the streets.

Evgeny Fedorov: the Part of people who see that they have poor refrigerators that they have nothing to feed the children that they simply Krajowa personal life situation: they were fired, they have nowhere to go. Especially in areas where there is no other no work – wiper will not work (same company towns, for example). Formed these pennies hard discontent.

Plus add to this group, for example, of food that now I can not give. And now banks on the requirements of the Central Bank will be with them to claim credits, and accelerated orders. It means that people will just come bailiffs to take the last housing, to sweep, to drive on the street. Imagine: you’re on the street with a child, there is nothing. You will overcome your reluctance to go outside?

Maria Katasonov: No, I am not even commenting on what side they will be.

Evgeny Fedorov: Once on her belongings.

Artem Voitenko: So explain what it is Putin’s fault.

Maria Katasonov: Now, even if not to take the situation – which side are these people.

Evgeny Fedorov: Mary, let’s examine. We get on the street millions of very unhappy people. Brutally – this means they have nowhere to go.

Artem Voitenko: nowhere to Retreat.

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes.

Maria Katasonov: They lost everything.

Evgeny Fedorov: They lost everything due to the fifth column. Now you on the street a lot, a million people, very unhappy people. Point. The plan of the Ambassador in this part is implemented. The Central Bank gratitude to the Minister of Finance gratitude, the State Duma of gratitude and the promise of responsible political asylum in America. Further.

Maria Katasonov: What actions will be taken nationally focused force in this case?

Evgeny Fedorov:
the National-oriented forces, headed by Putin will actually do something now. There I have a question: Where will this brutally million unhappy people?

Maria Katasonov: Who will lead, and go.

Artem Voitenko: Somewhere to go. First looted shops.

Evgeny Fedorov: Will and such. There will be stalls poggensee will be machine poggensee. He will be on the streets. But it will be the periphery of the process. And where will the bulk?

Artem Voitenko: the city administration.

Evgeny Fedorov: they will Not go. What are you talking about? They don’t even know what it is.

Artem Voitenko: Know.

Evgeny Fedorov: Further in their environment will be split. One part of people will understand that this is their poverty brought the United States of America and the fifth column.

Maria Katasonov: It will be a smaller part of the people.

Evgeny Fedorov: Wait, why do you think so? That you are not right.

Maria Katasonov: It is as you say the media. And the media we have in whose hands?

Evgeny Fedorov: a Second media we have something else we say. The media – they are enemies, but they are partially telling the truth. What is this truth? What is the truth that you’ve seen in the media today? Killed two children in the Donbass. Yesterday killed, in my opinion, ten people in the shelling. This is our destiny. Media show (I’m in the part where they say the truth because the media anti-Russian)that if you are smart you will compare

– The fifth column in the Central Bank.
– His betrayal, what didn’t you come to Tver, when you called Putin.
– And your destiny, if you go according to the script of the fifth column and the revolution and foreign intervention.

The scenario? Donbass is presented to you: you will be buried together with your child. That is, people have a certain brain activity, in which they will choose their destiny. Part of the stupid people will choose the fate of suicide.

Maria Katasonov: Most people in such critical circumstances, you will not be able to debit the credit to match.

Artem Voitenko: They can’t. They generally don’t catch on.

Evgeny Fedorov: No. First, realize. In General, the famine and had their kidneys in the Gestapo or the security service of Ukraine great clean brains.

Artem Voitenko: So there, and not here, and here – simply falling living standards.

Evgeny Fedorov: Too good for the brain. That is, when all is well, you generally think of nothing. When did you realize that you are all bad, although you would put the question: “why?”

Artem Voitenko: Yes.

Maria Katasonov:
They say, “Because Putin so-and-so”.

Evgeny Fedorov: Who is “there”? Masha, no, wait. First, in Russia you still live, but in Russia there are answers. I understand that the propaganda brainwashing, as in Ukraine, but there are answers that are truthful historical. You can ask my grandfather, my grandmother. You can even analyze the situation.

Just a huge mass of people are not inclined to analyze. They just zazombirovanni think not. But when they have an empty fridge and a crying child, they begin to think a little. Those who think they will come in support of Putin. And this is a mistake of the Americans, because Americans now this is what I hope that people will be morons to such an extent that they will help them to destroy the Russian Federation.

Maria Katasonov: You want to say that our people are smarter than the people who lives in Ukraine. The people there made…

Evgeny Fedorov: There are not people made. There the Americans had to make a coup d’etat. They couldn elections… They Yushchenko there pulled failed. They are on the coup d’etat went. That is, even they failed to such an extent to fool the Ukrainian population to those democratically elected fascism. They were forced to make a coup d’etat and appointment under the pretext of elections.

Actually there power does not reflect the interests of the people, because it is assigned from abroad. This is no accident. They wanted the elections there? Of course, would have failed. Normal elections, they Yushchenko trained. Moreover, in Russia there is nowhere to go. Then there is the effect of the last line. In addition, do not forget Russian miracle.

If you examine, still tell me, Mary: why Hitler, Napoleon and many invaders attacked Russia? In fact they were not fools. They expect to win. So, they were mistaken. And how were they wrong? They incorrectly counted the psychology of the Russian people. That is, they hoped that at some stage the Russian people behave, how their people, whose eyes only money, materialism and ego is European so-called Anglo-Saxon civilization. And the Russian people has another child of civilization.

Maria Katasonov: Evgeny Alekseevich, but this has always been a direct military clash, I will say this, and now it is not, but the risks are great.

Evgeny Fedorov: I’ll tell you this: stalls will begin to burn – it will be perceived as a direct armed conflict.

Artem Voitenko: essentially, Yes.

Maria Katasonov: But they will not burn due to the fact that people come from America, from somewhere and set it afire. We now communicate with people. We hear what people say. I do not ask from yourself

Evgeny Fedorov: Masha, I understand, but Hitler also believed that the colossus on clay legs will collapse. He also believed that communism… he also ranks were, as he said, Russian patriots. This flag, which we now hovers over the Kremlin, he actually was the banner of Hitler’s army, don’t forget. That is, he had it. And still was a turning point for him incomprehensible. This is, if you want Russian miracle.

I know what you mean. But if there were no such risks, about which you say, Hitler would not have attacked. He too, like you, the people asked. It the same people also said, “We don’t like. We are unhappy. We are ready”. But then came the purification of consciousness. It is the purification of consciousness gave a completely different war, especially when at the end of 1941. That is, it does not at once happen. The army at first, too, ran. The process will be the same.

Why we talk: the process through trials. Those people that you are talking about, have washed brains now. Yes, rinsed, but, faced with severe personal degradation, they will be forced to make a choice of the latest features. I think (I may be mistaken)that they select the same will take, before they took their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. That is, take the right side for the most part. I may be wrong. If I’m wrong, then we will be hanging on poles. I’m not against it.

Maria Katasonov: People will be ready to take such a desperate act “either sink or swim” only if the President will do the same. That is, if he goes, maybe somewhere in violation of the law.

Evgeny Fedorov: Masha, it is particular. The President would have gone somewhere so in violation of the law if it was on Tverskaya 500 thousand people.

Maria Katasonov: So they wait, when he will first go to a violation of the law.

Evgeny Fedorov: Let him die, Lord. And he waits for them…

Maria Katasonov: I don’t want to die. Why I must die?

Evgeny Fedorov: Masha, because you die because of traitors mass character. So happens.

Artem Voitenko: Because alone will never survive. And that’s all.

Evgeny Fedorov: are You part of the people. People decide to commit suicide – they must all die. This decision of the people. The voice of the people is the voice. All. Putin is trying to pull the people, moreover, the administrative resource. I just want to pay attention to this, because this is an important point. Not by chance, therefore, were legalized, manifested fifth column, for example, on our site. It’s not by accident. I purely analytically. They had not manifested.

Maria Katasonov: by the Way, sorry, I am interrupting you. Not only with customers, but when we did the SMS mailing list, it was also blocked.

Evgeny Fedorov: Of course, blocked SMS newsletter. Why? Because we called on Putin’s event. They don’t NOD blocked and not Fedorova – they blocked Putin, we need to understand. They have the highest degree. They understood where the main issue. If Wolin with Seslavinsky, as they say, was in each barrel plug, it would Putin may be taken as Mironyuk (Svetlana Mironyuk), which RIA-Novosti headed, that is Frank agent and the enemy. And because they are more reliable, professional, they are only in critical situations manifest themselves as a fifth column. They deciphered the fourth number, how critical the situation is, therefore, appeared.

We now, of course, tell Putin that fifth column, Wolin, and so forth. But if they did it constantly, then they would be removed. That is, they would be lit up as the fifth column agents. And here they are still, as they say, the reserve of the main command of the U.S., which is included in a critical situation. What is criticism?

Evgeny Fedorov: Let’s discuss analytically. What this is is the fourth number? This holiday, which was introduced by Putin.

Artem Voitenko: Day of national unity.

Evgeny Fedorov: the Main thing that put Putin. And what is the holiday? Artem, you generally wondered? That’s not that stuff that fifth column then distorted, and began to talk about national unity. Holiday-then what?

Maria Katasonov: Holiday release.

Artem Voitenko: Yes, the holiday of liberation, when expelled the invaders from the Kremlin.

Evgeny Fedorov: And more?

Artem Voitenko: the people’s Militia.

Evgeny Fedorov: No. Essence-what? But the fact that the Kremlin seized power fifth column. Tell the tale 1612 year. The fifth column is not just captured, and was appointed there Lucara – represident in our translation, if someone did not understand Khodorkovsky, for example, represident. And as the Russian people, despite the fact that the Kremlin there were people who said “I am king”, mobilized, organized, went to the Kremlin, and threw the fifth column. That is, the national-liberation uprising in classic view. So classic that all six national liberation uprisings, which were in Russia, Nodes, this is the most classic, as if to say. Because others out there with a mixture of war and so on. And this is the most classic.

That is, from the variety of Nodes, of the six large, Putin chose one.

From the variety of events in the history of Russia, Putin chose one.

What? The overthrow of the fifth column in the Kremlin.

Under this slogan, which was invented Putin introduced as a holiday to have the brains to clean people, he tried to pull people into the streets of Moscow, in order to continue the process of overthrowing the fifth column.

Logic. See? Come seventy-five thousand. Because Volin, maybe it would be a hundred, hundred and fifty. But this is still too little. We need five hundred. How many people helped the Americans to throw off the Soviet state on the streets of Moscow? Half a million. Want pictures show?

Artem Voitenko: I saw the Red square, there all full.

Evgeny Fedorov: In these places, by the way. Also not accidental. You know, in these places without Putin will not fall. In these same places. So, at least, to cancel the decision, it is necessary to have at least the same number of people now. So strained, the whole team is Putin trying to pull people. And they blocked Wolin, fifth column, part of the Moscow mayor’s office, which enemies, and everything else. So. Because I was trying decisive battle. Failed. But not that recent.

Maria Katasonov: Evgeny Alekseevich, if the media said that you guys now will come, you will be fine. They like it presented? At the last moment, and saying that this March will be here, we are one, cheers, peace to the world. Of course, the people under the slogan will not work.

Evgeny Fedorov: Masha, well, brains-you need to include.

Maria Katasonov: they will Not turn on the brain.

Evgeny Fedorov: Well, even though they are the truth about Ukraine show that there children are killed. Well, at least this. I, of course, people are traitors, but I believe that even the traitor, faced with the nightstick against his head, he begins to comprehend. That said, I still think that the main context of betrayal, it is nonsense, as if it is based on. Not a conscious betrayal of the Fatherland.

Fires, burning cars, inverted stalls, hunger, crying hungry baby create the conditions to clarify the brain. And cleaned brains… I agree with you, can escape in the direction of the enemy, Yes. But I think that the majority in Russia, unlike other countries, I mean the Anglo-Saxons, will go towards the national liberation revolution. And then, you ask, Putin is all part of the process.

Artem Voitenko: How the parts? The organization is also important. Who goes and leads.

Evgeny Fedorov: I understand, but it’s part of the process. I’m talking about historical processes.

Artem Voitenko: If we are talking about the historical, there have been Minin and Pozharsky, who, single – supply, the second command.

Evgeny Fedorov: Well, sorry, Minin and Pozharsky, so remind, went against the President of the Russian Federation, if translated into today’s language, which was sitting in the Kremlin as a foreign agent, so if. As false. Why? That is, how difficult the task? And the Kremlin is now our ally, the national leader.

Maria Katasonov: But he cannot do anything. Then he should go for a violation of the law.

Artem Voitenko: Masha, I don’t see what you want to achieve? You want Putin something broke?

Evgeny Fedorov: I say, the celebration about what? About revolution. And what is revolution? This is a violation of the law. In 1612 the first year there was a violation of the law.

Maria Katasonov: But this year has not been a violation of the law.

Evgeny Fedorov: this year has not been a violation of the law by legal means. We call for the referendum on the Constitution. That is, the change of the law, it is more correct to say. Because the referendum, he just solves this problem legally.

Maria Katasonov:
I want to say that while we…

Evgeny Fedorov: Masha, this year did not happen, because people have once again delivered a national leader, his country, and himself. And now, I why these phrases constantly say now, when they are three to four months to realize the consequences of his betrayal, they should be aware of the coping mechanism.

But then I want to tell you in the positive. What is the mechanism of solving problems? The coping mechanism is economically on Neglinnaya. If Putin will be able to capture the Neglinnaya, that’s why we’re blocked? Because we are there, including saying “Putin, go riot police in the Central Bank”. That is, to send riot police to Yevtushenko. Send riot police to the Minister of defence. While the Central Bank to send riot police cannot, from the point of view of Mr. Volin, and the fifth column. Understand the importance of the question of the Central Bank? Now, capture Putin, and the national forces of the Central Bank changes the situation instantaneously for one day in a very opposite tendency. Immediately.

Artem Voitenko: Listen, the Central Bank, it is not a building, it’s the same, how would the system.

Evgeny Fedorov: so what? Yes, it’s the system. This change of the law on the Central Bank.

Artem Voitenko: that is, the law should be changed, rather than building to capture.

Evgeny Fedorov: I understand. But, to change the law, to seize the building, does not mean that people will come there. To capture the building, then, will come a new team.

Artem Voitenko: You will see many that a riot will break out, all will believe on the floor.

Evgeny Fedorov: Listen, OMON, it’s not bandits. OMON, this is our state organization, which works under the law, right? That is, the riot may not wicked to come, right?

Artem Voitenko: So.

Evgeny Fedorov: Here’s a bandit without law to come may, and the riot police can’t. Therefore, when we say “riot police Central Bank”, we say absolutely legitimate things. Will file a criminal case and the criminal case send riot police to arrest defendants in the criminal case, violators of the law and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I answered your question? There is nothing illegal here. We have riot police sent in day time, perhaps, twenty across our vast country. There is no violation. It is their function, Riot.

So is technology. We will come back – the Referendum on the Constitution. Fast, as in the Crimea for a week, slow – referendum on the Constitution. And authority for the referendum and the interception management Putin gives people. And for that there is the street, where Putin people and invited many times.

Maria Katasonov: And now, we return to the media: how they are served, so people can hear.

Evgeny Fedorov:
I understand, they were enemies. Here and not talk. Then again, you go back to my phrases: not solving the problem of the fifth column, including in the media, you do not decide the issue of restoration of sovereignty. Today, this problem will get. Yesterday in the media, it was possible to go politically, through self-regulation, tomorrow the media will also have to send the riot police.

Now you tell me all the time asking the question. I will try another way to paraphrase. About a million people hungry people on the street. Very dissatisfied million people on the street, was formed: the Ambassador has organized a million people on the streets. A question for you. Now, if Putin will appeal to people, and try to hold the event, as he spent the fourth number, then the period of time when it will be on the streets a million people.

Maria Katasonov: We won’t forget that moment, that the fifth column will attempt to hold your event.

Evgeny Fedorov: She now tried.

Artem Voitenko: March of nationalists, as I understand it, in order to dilute…

Evgeny Fedorov: The March of nationalists. Nationalists, who for the elimination of their nation. It’s this American slang. What is the word “dove of peace”? What is it in your opinion? This fair-haired bird that carries the world. In American, Anglo-Saxon? This bomber with nuclear bombs. This is the kind of slang. It’s just you need a mirror to put it on the mirror to perceive these words. Therefore, the March of nationalists, this March for the elimination of the Russian state, by abjunction from all subjects and further elimination of the remaining. This is what Yarosh: Ukrainian nationalist came to power, drove the Crimea, drove Donbass, now eliminates the Ukraine. All American money. It’s ours, who conducted the March. Same thing with the same result, only worse, because the last battle. Therefore, you don’t see. This is the dove of peace in the form of a nuclear bomber. Yes, spent, and will spend. But that is who.

Listen, the national liberation struggle, so called strugglethat, firstly, the result is unknown, but always in the previous cases, we won. Already good. That is, we already know. Statistics on our side. And so, it’s a struggle. If you think this fight can only win, then you are mistaken. It is possible to lose: lose Homeland, people and life. Can. Such odds in this fight.

Artem Voitenko: now, the latter is more likely, I think.

Evgeny Fedorov: some of you are a pessimist just.

Maria Katasonov: We are realists.

Artem Voitenko: I communicate with people.

Evgeny Fedorov: see for yourselves. Artem, statistics are against you.

Artem Voitenko: If someone has not been tampered with.

Evgeny Fedorov: No, well, historical statistics. If it was faked, we would not have been. We wouldn’t have spoken to you. Have lived in the area would be two Englishmen, and Chinese, and Africans. And the British would be here plantations, slaves, and we would be with you wasn’t here.

Maria Katasonov: Eugene A., still, then before to bring people on the street, you need to send riot police in the media. Because, again: where the media will tell you to go, people will go. Will not they think.

Evgeny Fedorov: we Riot will suffice for all.

Maria Katasonov: Well, fine then. We then argue? With this purpose it was necessary to start.

Evgeny Fedorov: No, but Riot needs, I say once again, pay attention: the President has no rights. Right there, if crudely, the national leader. National leader, the law gives the people across the street, or a referendum. Russian already in the forehead tell you.

There is no nation – no rights.
No rights – no Riot.
No Riot – poverty and the fall of the ruble.

Here’s a direct link.

Artem Voitenko: And no Riot – no people.

Maria Katasonov: the Circle is closed. Eugene A., Magun all understand. But we communicate with people, we see that most people don’t understand. And it is unlikely they will understand until they you will be here collecting let tens of thousands of views, to explain, and while they are on the first channel will not be daily to get this information. And they will not do until the Riot police will not be in the media.

Artem Voitenko: Now, therefore, I say that the defeat more likely than victory.

Evgeny Fedorov: Good. Fifty-fifty, right?
Artem Voitenko: No, less actually. I would say, sixty-forty.

Evgeny Fedorov: And when the Germans were near Moscow, you would be what percent thought?

Artem Voitenko: then I wasn’t, I don’t know.

Evgeny Fedorov: But interest can count? Here you analyst, now we have found out. Here the Germans near Moscow – what percent? And I’ll tell you. Most likely, if you were an impartial analyst with the moon, you would have calculated the percent of the seventy-five that Moscow will be delivered. Because in Moscow already started to panic.

Artem Voitenko: Yes there is already the Germans went on the outskirts.

Evgeny Fedorov: the Panic began. Already artists from among the fifth column, as we would say, sewed dresses for participation in the dance of Hitler. Already Hitler printed invitations on Red square. Already the process was. And after Moscow…

Artem Voitenko: They even, in my opinion, the marbles were taken for decoration.

Evgeny Fedorov: that is, if you would all weighed, and our, and your, you would have seen seventy-five percent. Worked twenty-five. This twenty-five called Russian miracle that works, just with some enviable regularity. Because, the same miracle worked in 812 om in the form of people’s war. The same miracle worked many times before, and in 1612 the first, and so on.

Artem Voitenko: Well, miracle of miracle, as it were, people people. The miracle of people still…

Evgeny Fedorov: I believe that you can lose the game.

The result of the loss:

– The elimination of the Russian state competitive.
– The elimination of the Russian people, as a multinational, the peoples of Russia.
– Bloodbath in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in all cities of Russia. And in the villages even more, because there will be red rooster already on other principles, bandit.

And the complete disappearance of the Russian, and the Russian people from the territory of the planet Earth, just as he had vanished Indians from the territory of America. And that’s all.

And as he disappeared, do not believe it – thousands of people in history.

Artem Voitenko: Why not believe? Believe willingly.

Evgeny Fedorov: Because it is written, Yes. Now, then, such a fate. Then, such is the fate.

Artem Voitenko: Lived once powerful tribe, but died.

Evgeny Fedorov: But died. Yes. Can this be? Can. I believe the Russian people, which will be free from folly. I personally believe. At the last moment.

Artem Voitenko: Now, perhaps.

Evgeny Fedorov: Consider this as my personal forecast.

Artem Voitenko: Good. Then your opinion about the fact that we have people started to die, and they were somehow now… On the aircraft: the twentieth of October, broke de Margerie. And the third of November drowned Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank Alexander Ivanov. Not only that, he is the Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank, he is also the son of the head of administration.

Evgeny Fedorov: I had this issue after all, began with another. The band appeared in Moscow in the amount of ten people, which is just beginning to ambush on the road, kill people. And what do you want? The war began.

Tom, Wake up. We have entered into a standard historical epoch, called war. Well, at least not nuclear, because we have nuclear shield is. But everything else can.

– Can the Central Bank openly oppose Russia.
– It is possible fifth column to openly revolt against Putin.
– It is possible to appear in Russia gangs.
– You can destroy those people who are somehow connected with the control system. All. Running not only the state Department, and CIA, what do you want?

Artem Voitenko: so, you believe that this is not just an accidental death, when Alexander Ivanov bathed with her daughter in the ocean, and BAM, suddenly drowned?

Evgeny Fedorov:
I don’t know what happened there. You also don’t know? It is you who said something about this, Yes?

Artem Voitenko: a Lot of matches.

Evgeny Fedorov: I understand. We don’t know what happened. That is, we someone said, that was such an event. I understand this, that in the mass number of high-ranking officials oddities with children on the theory of probability at the same time in such quantities to happen can’t. I answered your question?

Artem Voitenko: Well, Yes. And one more thing – the fifth of November on the hunt killed the Deputy head of the FMS of Russia in Moscow.

Evgeny Fedorov: Yes. As we discussed at the time, that one of the shock troops of the Maidan in Russia will be migration. Moreover, as migration of Asian, pick up where the Muslim factor, that is, there are Muslim gangs, type IGIL. And migration from Ukraine specially trained maidanik. This is the Federal migration service.

Artem Voitenko: I today, when I read this news, one to another very well molded. Just fine.

Evgeny Fedorov: You know the thickness of the plan, which is on the table of the Ambassador of the United States of America?

Artem Voitenko: I don’t know, I’m not allowed there. Especially in his office.

Evgeny Fedorov: We know the value of this plan analytically. Now, the value of this plan is, I think, so long. This is the sheaf of papers. Every day there painted on a series of events.

Artem Voitenko: And, they painted every day.

Evgeny Fedorov: Of Course. The staff is the General staff of the liquidation of the Russian Federation. They work every day. In their submission to tens of thousands of people in Russia, not counting the fifth column. It’s people like communicators with the fifth column. This system works. And when this Ambassador gave here his credentials, it was the first act. From this point, the fifth column the process was started.

Artem Voitenko: it is easy to explain, but the UN said that in the past the Donbass elections are completely useless. That is, the United Nations said that the election of your…

Evgeny Fedorov:
strange story. There are people who someone is elected, no matter whom and who, that is, democracy. This then is Holy, Yes? This is the atomic bomber, called the “Dove of peace”. It’s that mirror the perception of reality. Democracy is good, but you democracy, cows cannot. So.

Artem Voitenko: But this is the United Nations, the United Nations.

Evgeny Fedorov: Listen, this is not the UN is located in new York, in which some official said, and then was promoted and replicated.

Artem Voitenko: it’s just so…

Evgeny Fedorov: It’s the system.

Artem Voitenko: it is Written that the official represenative of the Secretary-General said.

Evgeny Fedorov: of Course, not some dude from the mountain.

Artem Voitenko: so, you think that this is not an official statement of the UN, it’s just promotion.

Evgeny Fedorov: And what do you think? Official statement, this is such a paper, on which the stamp, printing, and so on.

Artem Voitenko:
No, we come from? We will not see this piece of paper. Us media tell you.

Evgeny Fedorov: Immediately consider the media as a foreign agent, no doubt. As the media system. This is a key element of a unipolar colonial American world.

Artem Voitenko: No, I understand perfectly. But look, Nicolas Sarkozy (again the media said) accused President Francois Hollande in a lie. The former President said that during the two and a half years lies in the country was erected into a political principle, which led to the weakening of democracy in the Republic. They have such?

Evgeny Fedorov: Well, how? It is a struggle at all levels.

Artem Voitenko: They both are Pro-American, that what this?

Evgeny Fedorov: So what? Different system approaches. Hollande, this is a purely American appointee, as Merkel. And there they have a voltage within the system. And anyway, if you think that they all like to be slaves and lackeys of America, you are mistaken. The lackeys in General nobody likes to be. Even if you give money, give Americans the French, to live a little. Ours, by the way, the money because we bought French euros, not Bulgarian, and not that kind, Czech. That is why in the Czech Republic the standard of living less than us, and even in Bulgaria, especially. There yesterday already burnt, in my opinion, the tenth man because of poverty. And in France more or less normal. We bought French Euro, German euros. That is, not all Euro of the European Union. But these are details. And this is all, of course, on the U.S. team.

Artem Voitenko: And Hungarians don’t like, and Hungarian Prime Minister reiterated its commitment to implement the project of the gas pipeline “South stream”, against which the objection EU.

Evgeny Fedorov: Fighting comes naturally. There is a struggle. Once we switched to this, I would like once again to pay attention: we still Ukrainian theme need to understand a bit. Ukraine Patriotic war. And events in the Donets basin is the southern front in Russia. So, we and call. Donbass – southern front in Russia. The war began. The hot part is located on the southern front. So – using the front, everything for the front, everything for victory. I mean, what we make now the law on the special status, humanitarian, Donbass. In accordance with which, we should not help the budget, about creating the conditions for the movement of goods and services, such as in Russia. Thus, to help people to live there and to fight against the fascist invaders.

Artem Voitenko: You’re one such bill has already been put forward, has made. That their refugees to provide for a simplified system… And this is your bill…

Evgeny Fedorov: You underestimate our bills. We write bills not to present historical events, and for those that will be in two or three months. You wait, they will still be accepted. Now, if we correctly understand the situation, then this million over evil people on the streets through severe suffering will start the process of physical liberation of the Russian Federation from foreign occupation. These same people don’t want to go now, still more or less okay. Under Putin. Don’t want to be kind, to be evil. Don’t want the freedom to take the mind will take that freedom back.

Set text: Natalia Malygina, Margarita Nadtochieva
Edition: Natalia Rizaeva
http://poznavatelnoe.tv – educational Internet TV



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