One of Ukie’s Defensive Lines – Left Unfinished!

Melitopol patriots are fleeing from defensive German line “Wotan”
14 November 2014 20:57, Author: Admin3

/Yandex translation + my corrections/

In Melitopol local “self-Defense” has decided to engage itself in the construction of the defensive line.

“Samooborona” dig trenches, build shelters, collecting twigs for overlap in the trenches and dugouts.

“In Melitopol line of defense was visited by representatives of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and were pleasantly surprised by the professional approach of the volunteers to the military action,” the media quoted activists.

Recall, the defensive line of German troops “Wotan” was created according to the idea of Hitler as part of the barrier that protects Europe from Bolshevism. At the end of August 1943 the battle for the Dnepr: October captured by the Soviets, the bridgehead was expanded, the line is broken, and that was the beginning of the liberation of the right-Bank Ukraine.

As previously reported, the commanders of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions stated unwillingness Zaporozhye region to defense. In Kiev constantly heard the statement at the different levels of activation of the militia and the concentration of Russian troops.





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