Answer To My Wise Question, Let’s See…

From Colonel Cassad, I hope, read him too. I included latest map from 12.11.2014 and in English (Cassad published from 11.11.2014). The My Wise Question.

Answers to questions on the new Russia – Part # 1
November 13, 5:49 am

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From КАРТА 12 ноября 2014 г.

/Yandex translation – without corrections! – please search for the correct words in my Dictionary For Yandex page/

Colonel,what do you think about this whole situation with the Sands and the airport. Why not VSN cuts the supply of the junta does not collect mechanized fist to knock junta from there?If all the matter in the notorious “truce” or just not strong enough?
In the last days are obviously trying and certain progress in this direction is, but given the considerable forces of the junta in the area and a powerful artillery group, complicate the process. A direct hit on the Avdeevka by armored vehicles will simply bring about to collide with the reserves of the junta, which are West and Northwest of the Town.

What is the economic basis of the new republics? With what they have (will have) the income in the budget?
Whether you pay taxes in Kiev enterprises on their territory?
At the moment the budget republics formed from the portion of the taxes which remains on the territory of the people’s Republic plus the financial assistance provided by Russia. Some of the taxes still goes to Kiev.

What do you think, at what level of development patterns statehood: the Judicial, Tax, Banking?
Very mediocre, state-building is still far behind from the war, though it cannot be said that progress in this direction no. The public authorities are slowly formed, but the rate is very low.

Reading Your blog for a long time. In the dropout rate has remained in the top five sources of information for me. Thank you!

Question. Why are You talking about the military using the new Russia from the Russian Federation? Because it violates the officers. line of the Kremlin. Or is it a consistent stroke, for example, to refer to the Kremlin as if unofficial sources, however, credible?
It is not difficult to notice and without me for a few sources already spoke openly and talk about the specifics of Voentorg. If so, then obviously some moments lost the stealth mode and is entered in the information field. Maybe somewhere it is consistent, I don’t know. I just saw that the silence on this topic is cleared and you can write, although not all.

What happened to the Textile worker on October 28? enough time has passed, but no results of the investigation and explanation of what is happening there. moreover, in the group of Demon appeared another message about the exploits of the Stronghold.
Reliable data on this subject I have not. poslednii the conclusion that “they do not greatly err.”, he is correct, but the approach is not correct. Midinotate is somehow the product sonneteering impact on the masses. Here in Ukraine the Russian Trotskyist-Khrushchev-Gorbachev Sison superimposed on the so-called Uniat Church, which is full and very deep Sison. If Orthodoxy or Islam is able to raise people from the excesses bad, the Uniat Church cannot, and Vice versa… There is the link argumentation
When systematic information processing in the months and years, religious beliefs are not as important as the majority of the mass consciousness of the people reformatted and can be seen as operatic Maidan Uniates and Orthodox Muslims. The reasons lie not only in long processing and manipulation of consciousness, but in General the decline in the educational level after the collapse of the USSR. The crisis of scientific thinking, the crisis of analyticity, has spawned a whole generation that was an excellent clay for sculpting artificial social deformities.

1. Do you plan to attack VSN? And whether this possible?
2. How does logistics service VSN?
3. As set counterbattery fight? What is being done to a serious weakening of the artillery fire of Bander? After all, there are modern appliances and proven tactics for successful suppression arbitary enemy. They are used?

1. Without comments. The opportunities are there.
2. For the last 2 weeks she has become much better.
3. Counterbattery fight as far as I know is actively used in the airport area, Debaltsevo, nastupuj to Mariupol, Happiness. Put it well. About the methodology and used the funds without comment.

How critical to the reputation and save at the helm Zakharchenko constant killing of civilians by shelling the APU?
Not supported if, unwittingly, the Kremlin, with all its cunning games under constant fire of criticism?

Well, it’s not Zakharchenko kills them, and the junta. It is clear that the Minsk agreement very few people like, but in General people understand that Zakharchenko just does what the dictates of Moscow.
Of course, certain political costs Zakharchenko bears, but I would not say that it will turn out to make a scapegoat on which to blame all the flaws of the so-called “truce”.

1. National banks. The question hung?
2. In General macroeconomic republics someone does? We need a program of recovery, when the war will end this program should already be developed.
3. External loans in Russia are discussed

1. Bank DND created, now there goes org.period. But slowly, Yes.
2. In both republics established rehabilitation centres that claim to the complexity of the approaches to the restoration of the DND and LNR. Programs are developed, resources, albeit limited allocated).
3. Without external loans DND and LNR will not do, Carpentry recently declared that LNR would take Russia a loan. And I think such loans DND and LNR will receive.

1. Colonel, tell me when your opinion will begin the phase of hot war already within the junta. There Lyashko against Kolomoisky, Poroshenko against Yatsenyuk, etc. Now the sworn friends have combat troops, and when they will begin to use in fighting with each other it is only a matter of time.
2. How strong is the probability of spontaneous popular uprisings but because of economic reason in the South-East being the Ukraine? In Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, etc.

1. I think as long as the U.S. control over the political processes in Ukraine, collision they will not allow (only if it is not in their interest). The one whose ambitions will interfere with the interests of the USA in Ukraine, just hint that his property and himself, can bad things happen. Therefore, in some natural Maidan I don’t believe they almost never natural, and headed mentioned persons and even more so.
2. Spontaneous protests against the deteriorating situation possible and to some extent inevitable. The US and the EU likely will not allow the economic collapse of Ukraine, but the standard of living will greatly subside.

In DND/LNR now many immigrants from other regions – from Odessa, Kharkov. What do you think, when saturated positions Voentorg (which is so active that even the OSCE observers see columns) is it possible the formation of the visiting teams on a regional basis and deliver them to their home towns to raise there riots?
While this process is not systematically observed and immigrants from other regions of Ukraine simply scattered in various combat units. In the future, if we will focus on the expansion of the new Russia in the neighboring area, has a specific meaning in the creation of Kharkiv, Odessa and Zaporozhye teams (from natives of these regions), in the spirit of the Polish Army in the Great Patriotic war.

On The Constitution.

What socio-political system is planned to be built on the territory of HP?
Again that is based on exploitation? Again the Holy of emergencies, but since proreligion crazy?
About the discussion of the Constitution they don’t even ask. Everything will be as always!
Most likely it will be so, until everything comes to a presidential-parliamentary bourgeois Republic. True story of the formation of the second chamber of Parliament in LNR, shows that people have not abandoned the idea of democracy and so easy to impose new forms of management and organization, will not be easy. What the Constitution DND trying to push without taking into account the opinion of the population, once again indicates that the ideas of democracy afraid of some politicians in the national republics.

Nationalization in the new Russia in the interests of the Kremlin?
You may change Surkov (which will be the token of this phenomenon)?
Do you share the opinion that the current ATO (localization of militants in the area ATO + shooting weapons stocks SSR) for Kiev is the least expensive? (including taxes collected from the new Russia + export duties)

Under the optional pressure on individual oligarchs, it is responsible. As a systemic phenomenon, unlikely.
So already changed, Ukraine supervises Rapoport.
Nope, don’t share. Ongoing combat operations, coupled with the devaluation of the hryvnia, Deplete foreign reserves of Ukraine and the increased dependence on external sources of funding – ATO in its current form, just a vacuum cleaner that eats money and resources. If the junta did not pressure US, they would have long since resigned to utrata of Donbass, launched there new crazy wall on the border areas, would reduce the cost of the war and would try to keep the economy. But who will give them.

As it moves with the creation of the Central Bank of Novorossiya, what will be the authority on all the new Russia immediately or DND/LNR each will have its own structure?
Because of present circumstances, will any of Novarossi resolution civil official ownership of Korotkova/AK and the right to self-defense of person and property?
Do you plan land reform with the introduction of private ownership of land/renewable resources/natural resources?
Are there plans to radically new criminal code and tougher penalties for serious crimes without any forks “…shall be punished… or…”. Do you plan announcement outlawed criminal authorities and criminal gruppirovok? Rumored to be “criminal world” on all-Ukrainian meeting voted for United Ukraine” so it would make sense to pay them the same.

At this stage, banks are established under each of the people’s Republic separately, as I understand the line of the Kremlin, the Bank of new Russia would make sense only if the republics will be more than 2.
While on this question there is no information. Considering going to war, weapons in some form seems to be legalized, and a process of removing a huge number of illegal guns as in the Caucasus will take years (as is usually the work of the bodies + repurchase).

Accurate information is not available. Now the authorities are rather busy spot nationalization. The subsoil is likely to be predominantly owned by the state. De facto, already the work of private mines depends on the will of the officials.

Tightening legislation obviously is, it will simply adjust the law to really going fight against banditry in the territory of Novorossiya. Criminals and “authorities” on the Donbass split. The majority supported the “one Krajina”, a certain part of the people’s Republic. The same punitive battalion Shakhtersk” largely consisted just of criminal elements, but there were the “mobsters”that supplied the militia machines, products, etc., it is Obvious that at first no special chance to fit into the new reality, the second – is. Banduka now not just too many people with guns at the Donbass walks will start coming, you never know, not whether gun-truck with militias to talk heart to heart. Out in Bryanka some local bandits shot and dumped in the mine. In General, on the one hand there is a perfect breeding ground for crime, and on the other wartime allows you not to waste your time on some long legal procedures.

How do you, do yourself a report in the Kremlin that delaying a decision on the new Russia, they create problems for themselves and the country?
More obvious reputational, and now the economic costs, the end of which, in such conditions is not visible. It’s also obvious that 404 is merely a tool of war against Russia.

You know in the Kremlin that depriving the enemy’s means, we’ll compel him to the world than infinite, humiliating concessions and nagging?
Well aware of this, but hope that will agree with US not lose. However recent actions show that hopes it is less.
Hence angry rhetoric, and activation of Voentorg. Hence hysterics USA and NATO, they were waiting for new concessions, and things do not go quite as we would like.good afternoon, Colonel.

I would like to hear your opinion about when we can expect large-scale warfare?
for the second and the sixth of November passed, and severe onset of ukrepov still was not. should we expect junoscope “Drang nach Osten”, or still waiting for spring?

Preparation of the attack was obviously controlled by the activity of the Voentorg which specifically showed the junta, and then there happened a panic attack. Accordingly, increasing the threat received some opposition from the Russian Federation. It had not removed the threat of the military in DND still continue to expect), but made it somewhat more problematic, as the junta apparently will be forced to consider a scenario, where in addition to VSN, its troops to deal with the forces of Voentorg. In any case, activation of the fighting is only possible when crossing the junta on the offensive, I highly doubt that we’ll start first.

Colonel, how’s it going with criminal biography Ukrainian politicians?
In my opinion excellent, all as on selection for punitive battalion Shakhtersk”

Well, of course, Ukraine….
And Putin ? What a revolution from above ??? Already 15 years in power, and that ??? Education is still not very not staggering…. Yakunin gets 1 million p per day, the players, coaches swimming in cash flows, and a resident of Transbaikalia writes that life worse and worse – reduce hospital to near the now 450 kilometers…. Sanctions ? And than we said ? Belarus buys raw materials from foe, still on the market is imported cheeses, still to your manufacturer is not particularly face turned….

In my opinion it’s simple. If the authorities do not make a revolution from above, they will get it from the bottom or side (from our best “Western partners” who are hungry to make happy all of us true democratic values), and most likely on the bottom and “sideways” at the same time. Happily on the treadmill and broadcast about the stability will not work. Either there or here.

Good time of day.
Interested in the situation in the regions. Particularly interested in-for example – the Podkarpackie region, which actually processes take place and when it will manifest real results?
Also interested in your opinion about the approximate balance of forces at the front in manpower and technology. In particular, an interesting question is whether the increase in the militia in comparison with August, the September month.
On the other hand taking into account the replenishment of the volunteers, the elimination of boilers in the rear, establish the standard mode of control on the border with the Russian Federation, logically, the VSN had released a significant number of combat-ready divisions?

The Rusyns separatism will not go away, but since they are far from Novorossia and are located near the Western Ukraine, it is feasible to separate they will be able only in case of destruction of the Central state authorities in Ukraine. The discontent of course there wasn’t gone, its just a cover and try to relieve the pressure. While with varying degrees of success.

Power VSN in DND and LNR comprise about 30-32 thousand people. The formation of teams and the emergence of a corps command, says that VSN gradually transformed into the army, and the number of wild militias gradually decreases.

Combat-ready units, usually already transformed, now used as to hold the front and to conduct offensive to some sections, it’s just evidence that VSN is already entangled in fat and can afford local offensive operations while maintaining reserves in case of a large-scale offensive of the enemy.

Boris good day!
Sorry might be small offtopic, the question is not about the new Russia, but applies to our Ukrainian themes.
A few days ago you had a post on the topic of the forthcoming session of simultaneous game in Kiev from Kasparov for the Ukrainian ILIT, with the transfer of 80% of income in the area ATO.
Knowing that you don’t throw unverified information, also what you say so “insider” in the world of chess, I am inclined to think that this information is correct. But in persistent search on the Internet, nowhere on some obscure website I didn’t get to.
Even the whole forum read and register it tried (unsuccessfully)to at least some comment to receive from the chess genius and cheap “dissident-loser” part-time.
Just if this proves true, it will be the collapse of faith in the wonderful people incomparably stronger than in the case of Makarevich.
The question ultimately is whether there is any reliable documentary source of this information? Or you just wait for the 5th of December and screams from ucraw about another borzone for ukro happiness?
Thank you!

Here is the website of this event which has a phone number where you can call.
Here is the paper characteristic of the content from this site
So in my opinion everything is quite clear and understandable.

1. The rhetoric of leaders LDNR obscenely peaceful. Could it be that VSN “accidentally” take, for example, Mariupol.
2. Could the current political elite of Russia to assume the existence of the new Russia “to the Dnieper and the Crimea”, which will be the most “popular” Board?

1. The rhetoric of the leadership DND and LNR projected Minsk Russia, which they try to adhere to, though periodically stating that the city will still be selected. Mariupol can squeeze.
2. Maybe, but this is more a question of political will to take tough confrontation with the United States, the escalation of which this course will be inevitable.

1. Boris. Your attitude to the explosion of the pub Promoscow at Rymarska street In Kharkiv. On the one hand, it is apparent terrorist attack is not against military objects, but against a civilian object. Is it possible provocation from the side of Baluty/Avakov in order to set neofascists gang on normal Kharkiv, and Kernes. They have old trowel because of the business. And the fact that Baluta has direct access to Promoscow and their coordinates proved the case for the demolition of Lenin.
2. Does anyone have any plans to create a public organization by type of Centre Simon Vizental. Vershinin with Daze subject was developed, but all somehow very secretive and not clear.
3. Do you cooperate their public work in the Crimea with the Communist party. Do something to help organizational or participate in party building? the party is only at first glance UG, inside there is a healthy, young power.

1. In General, actions Kharkiv partisan support. That does not detract from the work of the SBU and other special services (including provocative). Given that the institution rested punishers, this object can not be considered civil.
2. In my opinion, a complete work of such an organization will be possible when the new Russia will go beyond the two areas.
3. I’m not in the Crimea of any public work, now all our efforts are focused on supporting the new Russia. Political career or public activity to me not very interesting. The comrades of the Communist party is always willing to help than I can because of the healthy forces in the party is, especially in grass-roots organizations, what could be convinced to travel to Moscow where he attended the district branch of the Communist party, a lot of intelligent young people.

1.What does the head of L(D)HP? The constitutional monarch? The President? The Governor? (If Yes, which country?) Or the Kremlin at the time H will celebrate the desired option, which in his opinion will meet the situation?
2. What new, judging by the sounds,artillery was used in the last days the militia in Donetsk and is there a specific effect?

1. This means the President elected in accordance with current legislation approved by the Supreme Council of the people’s Republic. In fact, it is the analogue of the President. Of course in the development of this legislation was attended by Russian specialists.
2. Standard art.system applying in the district of Donetsk on our part – D-30, “Rapier”, MLRS “Grad”, SAU – “Acacia” and “Carnation”. With regard to the other – no comments.

1. There is a feeling that is quite subtle game with mnogohodovki from both sides, the result can ONLY be 2 outcomes in the mid-perspective (1-3 years) depending on who will be more agile:
A. East takes Kiev.
B. what is happening in Ukraine shifts and Russia.
Or do You think there are any other options?
2. Is it possible care of some European countries from the protectorate of the EU and who manages them? For example Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria.
3. Will I have the Brain the opportunity to continue to communicate with members of ATU? Or is this conference disadvantageous to both parties?
4. Do you think that Paul Gubarev’s already done that could in principle it is already not particularly needed for the process and control of these processes. In other words as a political figure he is quite weak.
5. Information about the transition to settlements in yuan is a warning “our partners”?
6. What is the probability that the project Ukraine will be closed due to no availability and all forces will be thrown at the project IGIL ?
7. What is the situation in Central and Western Ukraine:
– employment,
– at higher prices (on average, as increased prices for basic products)
8. Hold out Poroshenko until the end of his first term?
9. If Biden is your prediction of the future President of the United States, it doesn’t seem that’s pretty light for him to engage in the purchase of shale gas deposits in Ukraine and actively participate in its political and economic ustroystva?
10. Any prominent figure has a background (the forces that support it). If this formulation is correct, then what forces support I. I. Strelkova?
11. Who benefits to promote the NOD? And what are the options for its future use, except that they actually speak.
12. Can provide a list of advocates (bloggers) representing the opposite side (except those who gathered at the ECHO).
13. What laws will now begin to promote and adopt the new Parliament?
14. Why these throwing with the Russian language Poroshenko?
15. Nigran the conflict between Kolomoisky and Poroshenko? If Yes, for what purpose? The system stereok and balances are created outside the poorly drawn, because it weakens not only the positions of the two parties, but in General weakens the position of the forces struggling with VSN.

1. This is actually a sense, the U.S. is trying to help Ukraine to undermine Russia, Russia is trying this process to stop and play omissions in previous years, bringing the conflict on the brakes and return to the situation of low-intensity political struggles between the West and East of Ukraine. The current diplomatic standoff reflects the collision of these two lines.

2. In the long run it is not only possible, but inevitable with the growing crisis of the modern world, the EU will be increasingly difficult to maintain their extremely friable and fragile structure, the growth of separatist tendencies already reflects the depth of the crisis in the EU, which will only get worse. So yeah, sooner or later a separate country from thence will fall off.

3. Well the opportunity he now has to stop him in this regard is problematic. Wanted, talked with the junta did not want – not talked. As an experiment, quite sensibly left, but are unlikely to lead to convergence.

4. As a figure of national Governor he is still very promising and under certain circumstances it is able to influence political processes in DND, it has enough popularity to do this. Of course, from the perspective of organizational and financial resources it is weak.

5. This line did not start today (Russia it pushes a few years), just in light of the growing confrontation with the US, it looks like a threat to undermine the dollar.

6. Close to zero. The U.S. already are actually two parallel wars – hand of Ukraine against Russia in the Donbass and have their hands against IGIL in Iraq and Syria. While they have here is doing pretty well.

7. Difficult, but not catastrophic, increasing socio-economic problems expected in January-February. UAH falls, prices grow, grow and komunalka. Of course this is not a quick process, but it will cost a pretty penny almost all. Problems with employment are trying to solve by involving people in support of punitive action.

8. I don’t know, over the years has a lot to happen until the world war. If a major war will not be Americans it will hold, then you may stay.

9. Biden will become President, unless something happens to Obama. At the election, in my opinion will win Respublikasi and the next President will be exactly what a Republican, so Biden is time to retire. And shale deposits, their family Badenov can do and not possessing the Vice President of the United States. Ordinary corporate business during the war.

10. Strelkov support moderate rightists and centrists, who see him as a figure able to fight with the fifth column within the authority and to provide assistance to the new Russia. As Shooters himself said that politics do not want it public activities using the new Russia will obviously receive more support both right and left.

11. Militia Donbass reflects the national character of the militia of the people’s republics and played an important role at the stage of formation of the armed forces of Novorossiya. Further, with the creation of a full-fledged army, the role of such structures will fall.

12. LJ can’t remember Bigdan, Bitner, Leonenko and Belozersky.

13. Aimed at strengthening the power of oligarchic groups and embedding punitive battalions in the current system of government. Fascism will continue its integration into the Ukrainian authorities, becoming a systemic phenomenon. Of course will be accepted laws aimed at supporting punitive operations in the Donbas, and the persecution of dissidents in Ukraine. Will be accepted laws within the requirements of the IMF and the EU, which will lead to the further impoverishment of the population and rising unemployment.

14. It’s not throwing, and a clear ideological position. Independent Ukraine has always been anti-Russian and Russophobic education, so do not be surprised that the next President supports its core ideologies.

15. The conflict is real, but the Americans held back, forcing oligarchs to agree among themselves, even if they are each other do not like.

To be continued…


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