My Wise Question

Has NAF grinded to a halt nearly, due to Minsk Accord, or Russia made them weak purposefully and maliciously (stopped building NAF two month ago)?

Thank you


NAF lost the excellent time to surround Ukies and take Kharkiv with on-route cities. Or perhaps NAF was forced by Putin to do so (loosing the war).

Who coerced Putin to join the fucking Germans, which concocted outrageous fucking Minsk Agreement, is a riddle. Who kicks the NAF in its ass to stay put in its trenches, a’la WWI ingenious tactical slaughters in Somme, for example, is another mystery.

But I started to puke reading about Russia, Moscow, Kremlin and Putin about months ago. For betraying Novorossia, since I understood the simple truth.

Battle of Albert : Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers fixing bayonets prior to the attack on Beaumont Hamel. They are wearing ‘fighting order’, with the haversack in place of the pack, and with the rolled groundsheet strapped to the belt below the mess-tin which contained rations. The officer in the foreground (right) is wearing other ranks’ uniform to be less conspicuous. Comment : Trench sign indicates ‘King St’
Date: 1 July 1916


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