Why Eschew the Saker Like Hell

Total shit! I have to write again about the mogul of evil Saker Media Empire (SME). Lousy work but necessary.

Ukraine SITREP November 9th, 22:25 UTC/Zulu: A creeping conflict
Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zakharchenko is by far the most legitimate political leader since he won the election, and he seems to most willing to do what the Kremlin wants which I consider a good thing.

The f***g mucho from pindostan (the USA, FL) gives a damn to such trifles like to recall that Novorossians had no other choice during the elections!

Only Zakharchenko (Zakh) was propagandized by Kremlin and SME. Saying/writing that groveling to the Kremlin and being yucky stooge to Moscow policy is “good thing” is pure vile!

The toxic food is served on SME blogs every day the saker opens his eyes and touches keyboard.

So the next best thing is a pretend democracy where the democratically elected leader has some personal legitimacy, but is willing and capable of working closely with the military commanders and with the Kremlin.

Saker’s posts full of derision of his readers and their powers of reasoning are making smiles on my face. How big are the brains of the sycophant readers (“I like your post(s), Saker”, etc.)?

The total chaos in continuing the the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.

Another lie. The artificial state of Ukraine is occupied by the US using proxy army composed of Nazi formations.

This, along with the repoening of the Voentorg spigot, might well explain the current Ukie lack of attack.

The might of NAF is based on nearly everyday much-vaunted mythic Voentorg. Kremlin allowed to kill thousands citizens in Novorossia but such information and published in that way is forbidden of course. Voentog is the miracle panacea for Novorossia and faked elections of course!

BTW. All the text up to the point is the Saker’s mental shit not a SITREP. How much you must like to lick such a crap? For how long?

Cheap oil is also very good for China, so while Russia is hurting, China is getting a much needed boost. Worse for the AngloZionists, Russia and China are signing even more multi-billion dollar contracts but instead of dollars, they make them in Rouble-Renminbi.

Can’t you use your minds, the sycophant readers, to identify contradictory forces infused into Russian-Chinese bonds? Multi billion dollar deal is only a drop in the world dollar market. AngloZionists can only laugh reading such craps.

And partial truth about Russia, in the post of Saker’s, short of the most important conclusion.

Still, the worst problems for Russia are, beyond any doubt, self-inflicted. There is a reason why Russia has been so dependent for years on gas and oil exports: it is because the Russian economy has not been able to provide alternative sources of revenue and the reason for that is that the entire economic system adopted by Russia after 1991 has been designed to lock Russia into an “African” style of economy: Russia was allowed to export her raw materials and was told to import all the rest. How was that achieved? By telling the Russians to keep interest rates high, their savings invested in US T Bonds and keeping their main corporations incorporated abroad. Of course, none of that would have been possible without a faithful local comprador class imposing that system by its power of corruption on the rest of the country. The bottom line is that these sanctions primarily hurt Russia there were Russia is weak anyway, so in a sense you could say that these sanctions are acting like cattle-prods forcing the Russian state to very reluctantly go to its own salvation.

So, who keeps the ends of the slaving ropes, links or chains of oligarchic reigns in his hands in Russia? Yes, the frontman, Mr. Putin. Noooo, Mr. Putin is a God-like person and one of the many Russian “untouchables”, especially to the Saker so much worshiping the Man.

The situation in Novorussia is bad but not catastrophic. Russia will help Novorussia through the winter months and, hopefully, the infighting amongst the field commanders will eventually stop.

I’m baffled enormously, how much one can stands such idiotic findings? Yeah, Russia will send to Novorossia warm keeping pampers in the next convoy to Donietsk. Did anyone thought through what repression means “hopefully, the infighting amongst the field commanders will eventually stop” will materialize? See a movie clip here Zakh’s Carrousel and Sanctuarium.

The situation in Ukieland is terrible and only getting worse.

Of course, Novorossia is bad, no, relatively good, eh… very good, but Ukies are in dire straits, as the Saker proclaimed, living in the sunny beach band of warm sands in Florida. That man lives in the USA in Florida but writes about pros and cons the tragic living conditions in the pseudo-Ukrainian state and Novorossia (being under daily bombardment)! What a hutzpa he creates for world dull readers!

We can begin to think of rump-Ukraine aka Banderastan aka Ukieland as something like a ‘frozen Libya’: a very dangerous, poor, violent wasteland run by thugs.

Another lie. Novorossia is governed by other breed of stooges, Russian stooges and that means by good stooges. I’ll change the lie to the truth, here you are: – “We can begin to think of rump-Novorossia aka part of New Russia aka former Ukieland as something like a ‘frozen Libya’: a very dangerous, poor, violent wasteland run by thugs (“democratically” elected only the “correct” ones)”.

If you do not want to believe in the words, describing Novorossia – “very dangerous, poor, violent wasteland run by thugs” – you must read only sweetened posts of the Saker.

And, for the end of the post, appalling Saker’s “wishful thinking” (prophesies, divinations, visions), having nothing common with reality of Russian-Chinese “cooperations”, which with he has finished his own post:

The situation for Russia is difficult, especially in the short term. The good news is that Russia is immensely wealthy with huge reserves of gold, currencies, natural resources and human capital and that Russia is politically extremely stable. The deep strategic alliance between Russia and China is, for both countries, the “ticket” out of the dependence upon the dollar and the way to true decolonization from the Empire.

As long as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jiping hold the course – and I believe they will – the Empire will continue to slowly erode.

Why I did stepped in the cows pasture, full of such Saker’s cows-pancakes? Evidently I did undergo deeper stroke three months ago.

From Army of Novorossia received winter clothing

What about common citizens?


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