Zakh’s Carrousel and Sanctuarium

Niqnaq has written today nearly Cassandra’s prophesies but no one should be afraid. Cheer up! PM of DPR Mr. Zakh has organized DPR citizens a magnificent Carrousel and Sanctuarium! Niqnaq is overly defeatist in his views of Zakh deeds. Call the “basement” in new-speak “Carrousel”! Be creative!

Read his posts and watch fragment from movie called Logun’s Run

this is more PR hype from zakh’s boys, as if they haven’t come up with enough bloopers today already

and after all this destruction, you get a final, total sellout from zakh, and anyone who calls it that gets a one-way ticket to the “oplot” basement

Carrousel – New World Happiness
(Click to enlarge)

Sanctuarium – (what was left from Donietsk in time)
(Click to enlarge)

Carrousel – watch the “Oplot’s basement” project based on the movie Logan’s Run


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