Is Mr Putin such Ignorant or a Lier?

Putin failed. Two!
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Yesterday was held the meeting of Putin with young scientists-historians and teachers of history.

I watched the full version on channel R24 and I had a feeling that I am watching cartoons “Vovka in the country unlearned lessons” and “Again two!”

Judging by the television (but I watched that evening in record) a similar feeling was shared by many of the members present. On a close-up in TV there was almost nothing to hide and it could be seen that scientists-historians were simply ashamed to redness for that stuff, of whom President of Russia (great country, their country) appeared barely practically on the air. Some literally grew eyes rounder from the degree of ignorance of the subject, which Putin showed. Although I must admit to the level of “knowledge” Obama he is still very far away. As they say, there is a way to “grow”.

Of course I understand and know that Putin (as well as all members of the St. Petersburg team) are ardent anti-Communist and anti-Soviet. Nothing else from “miscarriages of nests of Sobchak” I did not expect. But still the leader of the great country of Russia is not worth it publicly for all the world to demonstrate a complete misunderstanding and ignorance of not only the basics of political economy, but also the history of his own country.

Here’s a couple of the most typical examples.

First about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the partition of Poland.

Putin: – “I don’t want anyone to blame here, but that there were methods of foreign policy”.

It is absolutely not in the former methods of foreign policy (these methods and are now no better). The USSR regained what he and so relied on international law. Remember, Hitler was invited to draw the line on 1913 Stalin refused and the border between the USSR and Germany was held by the so-called “Curzon Line”. In 1919. during the Versailles conference, the border of Russia was approved in these limits. In Russia, and no matter what (monarchical, Republican, democratic, totalitarian, white, Communist, Soviet – made no difference) were included Western Belarus, Western Ukraine, Moldova and all of Karelia (incl.Vyborg).

Everything else is Polish, Romanian and Finnish squatting, using the civil war and the temporary weakness of Russia. Poland these squatting (incl. part of the lands of Germany and Lithuania) 20 years got away with it, because Poland, a fascist country (Pilsudski and Rydz-Smigly were unquestionably dictators and fascists), was “the main link of cordon sanitaire” against the USSR. In 1939 came the “hour of reckoning” because the West did not need the “sanitary cordon” in general and Poland (as well as others) in particular. The USSR just took that, and so belonged to Russia under international law.

But your special pearl, pre-cast in granite, Putin issued about the October Revolution of 1917, Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

Putin: – “However, they (Lenin and the Bolsheviks) had deceived the society. Well, of course, you know: “Land to the peasants, factories to the workers, peace – people!” The world is not given, since the civil war began, factories and land was confiscated, nationalized, so sell full, one hundred percent.”

It is interesting and that there are other ways (in addition to the nationalization) how to transfer ownership to the people…?

Today such methods humanity did not invent. Putin ought to know himself, from start he should ask competent advisors that the economy has always been based on the creation of surplus value and interest rate. Without this it is impossible upward development in general and development in particular. History demonstrates this axiom a visual confirmation.

It is impossible to redistribution means of production directly to citizens. For the first time it was tried to implement by the Communards of Paris Commune, but the venture failed. When the Communards came to the Rothschild and announced that his property is confiscated in favor of the French people, he said to them – “in this case the Lord of every Frenchman has 22 Frank 18 centimes, take the trouble to get the cash.”

The second attempt was undertaken at the end of the USSR in 1990-1991 (Abalkin’s reform) and it has led to the virtual collapse of the socio-economic system, and the actual collapse and economic collapse of the USSR.

The strategic difference between socialism and capitalism is essentially only in the form of redistribution and appropriation of surplus value and interest rate.
Under capitalism the assignment and distribution – private in favor of the beneficiaries of the means of production.

Under socialism the assignment of national and redistribution – public (through the so-called funds public national/nationwide consumption).

Nationalization is the only economic instrument, does not depend on the socio-political system. Another tool mankind has not created and is unlikely to create.

The civil war in Russia have also were not begun by Lenin and the Bolsheviks or other forces.

It’s high time for Putin to stop “to shine” yawning gaps of our knowledge and in preparation for such a great performances (TV broadcast to the whole world) and not to rely on the “art experts” – the charlatans (like Solzhenitsyn and Co), but on actual historical documents and research of these historians.

For those who didn’t watch TV,
source’s here


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