Two Maps of Novorossia – Paltry Achievements for NAF

NAF achieved paltry results in fighting against Ukie units of ultra-nationalists – part of Ukrainian Army formations did not took military actions (apart from Air Forces actions earlier).

One of the main reason of the status quo are purposeful deeds of Kremlin (RF, Lavrov, Putin et al) not to provide such big succor the Novorossia Armed Forces (NAF) would be available to take over Kharkiv and to threaten Kiev as well.

4000 dead civilian people of Novorossia is like spitting ones for Mr Putin. The RUSSIAN POLITICS is which counts, not people!

See the two maps:

(Click to enlarge)
From Novorossiya Military Briefing – by August 21, 2014 – by Gleb Basov

(Click to enlarge)
From MAP of MILITARY operations on 3-4 November – by dragon_first_1


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