Short on Novorossia, Strelkov, Putin and Whole the Shit

it would be good if each day at this point, i should stop and write something reflective

Please read whole such posts of niqnaq. I quote only small excerpts to illustrate my private views expressed in the post’s title.

Cutting niqnaq’s texts ia necessary to be nicely readable.

Second, I want to say something about the horrible nature of Novorossian politics.

I tend to pinpoint Zakh (Zakharchenko) because he is the official figurehead in DNR, and from the moment he first appeared I perceived him as a thoroughly untrustworthy Moscow stooge, which he has indeed proved to be. Zakh and Plotz were conspicuous even before they signed the abominable Minsk instrument of surrender, but it is really essential to understand that Novorossian media immediately fell in line with this Moscow stooge system, because media people generally crave authority, so they produce a whole wave of typical propaganda garbage, as “Zakh photo op surrounded by adoring fans” or “Plotz announces LNR will conquer the world, bring justice to oppressed masses everywhere”, all of which I completely ignore, but believe me it’s out there, and there is a lot of it.

I only draw attention to it when they engage in especially egregious outright lying, as currently they have been instructed by Moscow to pretend “the truce is holding” just like the West hyenas have. So I try to pinpoint that, to make clear that it’s all lies.

There is no “truce”. This is a war of annihilation, an ethnocide in progress, and Moscow is collaborating in it. Perhaps, Moscow and Kiev were agreed from the word go that there would be ethnocide in the Donbass, perhaps Strelkov was sent to Slavyansk simply as a provocateur, to provide the appearance of a big, bad rebellion without the substance, so that Kiev would have a pretext for the war of annihilation it is conducting. This is a very ugly world, and I flatly refuse to romanticise it, to pretend that Strelkov is a hero, and so forth.

Third and finally, directly flowing from the last: independent commanders are being disposed of, there’s no doubt about it. Beszler has actually disappeared, and I should imagine that Mozgovoi is next.

“Gloomy” Petrovsky, the DNR chief of staff, is very much part of this, and it would be excessively unwise to believe a word he says, on the famous “Secret Forum” or anywhere else.

Igor Strelkov: I left the Ministry of defence DND is not on their own (video)
07.11.2014 – 12:43

Shooters called reason, which left the post of Minister of defence DND. He admitted that he did not wish to touch upon this painful subject, but said that devolve power to Vladimir Kononova he had no will of their own.

“I wanted to stay in Donetsk, and low positions. I was hoping that my experience can benefit the country, but it turned out that, from a political perspective, my participation in the fate of DND was considered inappropriate, ” explained Shooters.

Now a former militia leader is busy organizing the work of the Fund “New Russia”. However, despite this, he continues to follow the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. Strelkov admits that his attention is riveted to the rising number of cases falling Ukrainian shells in their homes, stadiums and social objects of Donbass.

Strelkov?! Not Russia or Putin, is organizing Novorossia with all administrative activities? Now, not earlier? After so many dead? When such misery is ruling in Donbass?

“The Imperial Bezler is alive, but obviously will not return to DPR, he will receive the assignment on the territory of the Russian Federation” – the head of the intelligence DPR
07.11.2014 – 23:48

Deputy Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic on intelligence major-General DPR Sergey Petrovsky, known under the pseudonym of “Gloomy” and “Bad soldiers”, reported that the commander of the host of the Gorlovka major General DPR Igor Bezler is alive and well, but is unlikely to return to Gorlovka.

“Igor Bezler is alive and well. In DPR obviously will not return – I will receive the assignment on the territory of the Russian Federation. On Monday or Tuesday it will be another pleasant surprise, but this is still a nobody, and he’s including don’t knows. All on this subject cookies ended,” said the General Petrovsky.

Another niqnaq post worth reading and pay attention to it.

i don’t believe these militia spokesman (and nor does the interviewer)

/added translated words + cut mega paragraph/

How much damage Girkin (nickname Strelkov) does with his performances! Every day he somewhere is giving an interview. No stops in his attempts to create the image of such noble, honest Russian officer.

What nobility in what he says about LDNR, comparing them to unknown place? Why do it now when there in Donbas, the same as LDNR, and without that shitty!

Civilians die. Old people are starving. Many were left without a roof over their heads. All troubles are not specify. And he, and all others, such as he, are reveling in their artificially created glory, bring oil to fire, foment internecine war between tops of LDNR.

Is there anything noble? Fuck the (Нафик), we need all his humanitarian help that he is going to organize now, as many people cannot survive until the moment when it will come, if at all will come. Noble is to remain silent when necessary. And thus they help people to survive.

The question arises: is Strelkov wide awake of events in general or just is a gag comic reading social networks? Or he simply sees the onset of Ukies that do not seem to be overlooked, even after his speech about the impending onset of Ukies?

Either way, same-level eyes and the truce was not broken. So the breakdown of the truce by Ukies is something to hide – firing Donetsk and death of children in all media blasting, and then the tank breakthrough, all of them must be hide?

C Alksnis about Putin:

Today, V Putin; M Gorbachev yesterday. He will never take responsibility for himself. He will never give the order to save the country. He will sit on two chairs, not interfering. Ten years from now, when on pindosi TV they will ask: “What happened to Russia?”, he will answer: “She died.”

Fuck them all. Bored already with this hysteria about this pseudo-war. Either fight for real or stop this farce. So many victims, and in the name of what??? To assign a criminal Akhmatov stooge like Zakharchenko, to head of Donbass? Or to Girkin who sold himself on the blood?

So was those day and night heavy battles or not?

Summary from Givi: destroyed kapolka, 9 officers, 8 tanks, 2 “hail”, “8 factory, 2 BMP, 160 fighters Mat (video)
07.11.2014 – 20:52

Summary from Givi, airport, 07.11.2014,

“Yesterday was a very hard day, first for us, and then for them.

In the city yesterday they hit two packages grad suffered very much at home store.

With our part 1 – 300-th (wounded).

The enemy yesterday was killed by one of the commanders of the tank regiment in the rank of Colonel and 9 officers, destroyed 4 tanks, 2 “hail”, 2 artillery batteries, destroyed a convoy in the desert 4 Ural ammo 4 tanks and 2 infantry fighting vehicles.

In small skirmishes were destroyed mortar calculations, units in Avdiivka destroyed 2 radio spots, locator, who was involved in radio interception, the infantry is about 160 – 170 people.

In the evening there was an attempted break tanks and IFVs.

The fire continues, at any moment we are ready to come to the defense and on the offensive,” said Givi.

The intensity of the shelling of Donetsk is growing – this is a continuation of the truce or war? (video)
08.11.2014 – 13:47

November 6, Donetsk was a terrible day, the city suffered a powerful bombardment of the Ukrainian troops.

As usual, the main purpose of criminal began shelling residential neighborhoods. This intensity of the fire was not long enough.

War correspondents have recorded only a part of the Ukrainian Nazi crimes – all to avoid just not realistic.

The barrage subsided only about 22:00.

Summary: battles on all relevant parts of the front
07.11.2014 – 22:51

Read yourselves this full text and find the answer.


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