“Almost Like People”

Both old and new Ukrainians are “Almost like people” (like humans), aren’t they?

Almost like people


On this horrible frame – Kiev, September 1941. Babi Yar. Mother for a second before death clings to his child. The man in the uniform of the SS, which would kill her and the baby after a second or two – not a German. He is a Ukrainian – more precisely, a native of Western Ukraine, Zhitomir. He served in the division “Galicia”, and from 1943 participated in the work of Einsatz groups.

Where are the details? Almost from himself. This photo has been seized by the partisans together with the documents and the army badge. Seized when they searched his body. Monstrous photography will be one of the most eloquent witnesses of victims of the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials.

But most striking that this photo was among the personal belongings of the murdered appearance. Together with family cards, letters home was THIS. Was treasured photo for memory. Maybe even for the family album. Proudly children and grandchildren in his old age to show that, they say, as I “fought bravely” for samoshina Ukraine once…


Germans killed Jews, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians. And Ukrainians were killing Jews, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians. Only the first did it indifferently or sometimes even disgust (but not out of pity for the victims, but because it is “dirty”, not worthy of the Aryan Superman) but Ukrainians of Galicia and ranks areas Western Ukraine made from it a fun, happy and light.

Any of those or other “nuances” are not excuses. But this difference says a lot about the Ukrainians.


Alexander Petrakov

Read whole article, please, as New Ukraines emerged or were born.


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