Russia in a Nutshell – Organs, Choirs, Songs and… a Chicken

Could you observe parallels between present Ukraine, Novorossia, Russia and other warmongering states? Answer yourselves.

Russia’s Might
Russia test-launches missiles during planned military drills

Putin’s Chicken Out Seeing Wagging Fingers of Markel and Obama
Russian troops re-deploy to base after Ukraine border drills

Stalin’s Organs playing for Germans
Diabolical Weapon (Stalin’s Organ’s)-Katyusha-Катюша-Kaćuša

Katusha (WWII favorite)
Russian folk song… a war song that was sung during WWII. Soviet Union. video dedicated to the Russian soldiers. Some footage is from WWI but most is from WWII.

Putin’s Bass Choir singing dumb songs
The fire of “Iskander-M”, “Tochka-U” and “Whirlwind”

Putin’s School Choir singing Georgians in 2008 when Putin was a Bear not a Chicken
August 9, 2008 South Ossetia, about 14.00 PM. A volley of Russian Russian BM-21 “Grad” at the positions of the Georgian army and artillery on Prissi heights.

Killer of Aircraft Carriers
Novorossia military weapons or illusions of idiots.

Russian National Anthem – Rock Version


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