I Have Enough With the Russian Cesspool on New Russia Issues

and here we have strelkov saying in his usual wormy way that he won’t go on the march after all

Once in a time niqnaq says forthrightly and transparently enough to have clear image. He did so today. Below his comment from his post.

This was predictable. He is saying that in time of war you cannot go against the authority of the commander in chief.

But this isn’t a time of war, and Putin isn’t his commander in chief. He has taken one of his own clichéd metaphorical statements literally.

This is the second time he’s done this: two months ago, he led everybody to believe he would be at a conference in Sevastopol, but he didn’t turn up, and afterwards he blamed the organisers, not himself, for having raised false hopes. It reminds me of one of William Burroughs’ words of advice for young people: “If you’re doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing.”

He isn’t a terribly intelligent man. Technically, he is retired from the FSB, but there is no such thing as a retired intelligence officer. Everything he does is a calculated step in an FSB plan.

All his supposed tactical triumphs in Donbass were arranged for him by them. Cassad’s people have definitely realised that by now. The most extreme possibility is that Strelkov will be brought to power in a mock putsch in Moscow, replacing Putin himself as President of Russia, and then he will become a sort of Hitler figure, leading Russia into a war against the Western alliance that is calculated eventually to lead to a catastrophic defeat.

But hopefully things will not come to that. Perhaps now that he has once again flaunted his disciplined subordination to the commander in chief, Putin will make him governor of the Donbass, in some complex deal with Kiev.

In any case, he is being held in reserve as the trump card in an FSB strategy. Whatever his destined role, he will fulfil it in a suitably obvious way.

The Russians used to build their men of iron and their ships of wood, but now they build their ships of iron and their men of wood (C) – RB

Niqnaq described curtly person of Igor Strelkov. If such screwed up “personalities” create a legion plus hundreds Kremlin stooges, oligarchs, Putin’s assistants, columnists, 5-th column, 6-th column and “useful idiots”, I got no time simply to keep track of all the crook Russians’ stirrings, spinnings, meanders of all possible associations and all the whoreness exposed by non-MSM. It’s beyond my abilities and to tell the truth, I give a damn to those events.

Novorossia seems to be highly artificial artefact, illusion, brains’ cesspool. All the visions sold to citizens and patriotic Russians are straw structures. Nothing good is coming out from all the politicizing and militerizing which should resolve gigantic mount of real issues.

Blood, sweat and tears were only pushed on the stage. Some are duped, me not. Alas, what we can find in Novorossia are fucking up and tearing apart. Add to that robbing citizens from any hope.

Dirty is the Russian life and deeply lousy. With the horizons moved away and left close to Kiev, Moscow, Brussels and Washington.

All we are in Europe! See the map above – Old Russia, New Russia, Ukraine, Banderastan, Moscowstan, Turkeystan, Germanstan, etc.

– WTF it is?
– Euroshit, don’t you see? Who cares?


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