Double Tongues of Lavrov and Cassad

it must surely get monotonous, but i keep insisting everything is just a game

Be sure to read both niqnaq comment in his post (I part) and quoted text of Cassad’s post (II part)!

When I wrote today in earlier post “I had enough” I’m not a psycho-therapy-deficient but I have my nose and brain and I see the images which are deleted from publishing (they do not exist even). That’s why I go parallel with niqnaq in understanding some Russian matters but I’m always using my own language.

Everyone is creating reality show, bogus reality or staged events. All politicians from Russia and the West. Nothing to be excited with. Dull, dull, dull. Shit shits the shit with a shit, in short.

But duplicity of Lavrov and Cassad one can acknowledge himself reading Cassad remarks.

Recall, on Sunday, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Russia “respects the choice of the inhabitants of the South-East of Ukraine,” and expressed willingness to further contribute to the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine.

Respecting elections – “intention to recognize the elections” – is not tantamount to recognize Republics as sovereign and independent states! Lavrov vows the DPR and LPR to belong to Kiev Kingdom!

These threats from the West are probably serious, so it will be interesting to see the reaction of the Kremlin to them, not in terms of rubber diplomatic phrases, but in terms of actual actions.

Those words of Cassad are soft and worthless, if not with hidden meaning. What does it mean “in terms of actual actions”? Platitudes. Kremlin always responds with actual actions. With bogus ones, faked ones, staged ones. But real, actual!

Everyone says Russia is weak in terms of standard military means. Let them open barns with real nukes aimed at all European cities and US bases and ask nicely both the US and her puppets in EU governing bodies, if they still want to implement “tightened sanctions” and US “further isolation”. Sanctions and isolation did always mean declarations of war! So if Cassad writes about Western actions he should describe the area of possibilities from Russian side, not enigmatic “actual actions”. Not doing so he ridicules himself in his analyses (like the Saker).

I am interested in one issue – whether Russia, it is Mr Putin, is serious partner in political arena and she does treat the tug of wars as “war shows” (aka reality shows, faking serious acts), or as they should be – namely, whether Putin defends Russia’s unity or he heads to destruction of Russia subjugating her in the future to the Western sovereignty.



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