“United Ukraine” of Kiev and Moscow! The Darn Kremlin…

contrast to givi’s blathering about conquering the whole of the 404 state, up to the polish border, “then we’ll see…”

First I got upset with the El Murid’s babble which comes out from Yandex translation, even corrected by highly intelligent blogger but not able to read Russian. So I read the text for the second time, it went better with understanding what El Murid wanted to impart to his audience (readers, listeners, watchers, believers, worshipers, etc).

He is afraid of Kiev or Moscow rulers as he writes hiding contexts and “personalities” stirring up in that Novorussian cauldron. So much niqnaq had to summerize directly:

Murid is given to understatement, which makes his occasional categorical statements even more noticeable.

What is left unsaid in the second of these articles is that Pindosi (that is to say, Usaia) will do everything in its power, up to and including the imposition of regime changes, to ensure that the eight or so small states involved in the South Stream planning will back out of it, and that if even two or three of them do so, South Stream will just not get built at all.

This is certainly the Pindo plan: if they could, they would get rid of North Stream as well, somehow. Then Western Europe would be totally dependent for Russian gas on the distribution system through Ukraine, which would allow Pindo to blackmail both Western Europe and Russia indefinitely. It would put guns to both their heads.

Not that this is entirely necessary, because all the Euian stooge leaders, and most of the Russian ones, seem to be prepared to surrender everything to Pindo anyway.

They seem to have no ambitions except to destroy their own countries altogether, to reduce them to worthless pools of labour, raw materials and market suppliers for the mad Pindosi who think they own the world – RB

But niqnaq yarns sometimes in his comments leaving the best thoughts in quoted texts of El Murid (here).

The main battle is over physical control of the territories, and particularly over Russia’s urgent need for a land transit route to the Crimea. The Donetsk leadership, controlled by Russia, will pose a real threat to Kiev, if it creates problems for the land corridor.

The militias have very rapidly purged all Russian citizens, the presence of whom had previously caused hysteria in Kiev, from their leaderships.
Other independents have already left (This implies Mozgovoi is not independent – RB (niqnaq)).

It means Kremlin does not want independent, pro Russian leaders in DPR and LPR. Both republics must have been left within confederation of Ukraine.

…there will remain only one step to create a unified army of Novorossia, but here it is quite possible to slow down. A single army would mean that the whole project for the areas LDNR under Ukrainian jurisdiction would need to undergo certain changes. If there continue to be separate armies in each of the two republics, the project can carry on at full speed. In this case, the armies will simply become the police forces in both republics, or rather again areas. In the end, it may well be that on the territory of the LDNR regions within United Ukraine, there will be two different police jurisdictions.

More importantly: what’s next? Russia recognized the elections, as promised. The recognition of the republics remains a distant dream, and therefore, the policy of “United Ukraine” remains unchanged. What this portends from the Kremlin is hard to say.

How soft he is the “El Murid” person!

In those terms, we can say the elections in LDNR just strengthen the on-going trades. Instead of politics as usual, it’s the turn of the spin doctors. After 12 years during which the Prime Minister’s rating has continued to climb and climb, to the point of hero-worship, he’s better than all the alternatives (who? – RB).

Not naming is an act of cowardice, Mr. El Murid. Recall New Putin Was Born in… Novorossia! Hallelujah!

The planning horizon ends in March. To sort something out before then is up to him. There’s still three months, and at least an off-chance that something will be agreed. To talk about strategy in this period is just a bitter joke. Here you can’t even talk of tactics.

Excellent description of the best Kremlin’s chessplayers! With million visions and uncanny inquisitive minds!

It portends woe to Novorossia!


The Alarming State Of Ukraine — And Unnerving Threats From Russia — In One Map
Brett LoGiurato, May 1, 2014, 1:57 PM

Sergii Gorbachov of Information Resistance posted a map on Wednesday featured on the site Voices of Ukraine (run here with permission) that sums up the current unrest:



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