Eduard Limonov’s Morning Sermon

Eduard Limonov: And you, Bra, can not change anything
Today, 03:19 • Publ.: Apolitikus

Eduard Limonov

/Google translate + small correction/

The head of the OSCE Burkhalter opposed elections in DND and LNR.

Although it would appear what it’s damn business of his! People conduct their election with weapon in hand and you Bra can not change anything. You should shut up.

Ukraine, Germany and France said that they did not recognize tomorrow’s elections “because they contradict the Minsk agreements, in particular, paragraph 9, of the Minsk minutes dated September 5, which determines the need for early elections in some districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions only in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.”

Yes, item 9, that’s cool, Minsk Protocol, any important papers, from September 5, Yes, it is a noble white Ukrainian legislation. For many years we have seen their legislators, thumping each other, collectively and individually in their Parliament, in mugs and skulls, so the legislation looks like a law during brawl at a beer stand. Damn you Germany and France, and in the appendage Ukraine! What can you do? If I could, I would have erased militias from the face of the earth.

USA denounces elections in DND and LNR.

About the USA, about the South, about the Niece, about how their shine worries me, it wrote a poet. On earth soon there will be a single area which they would not have ruined for the sake of his planetary ambitions, these United States. And then they wonder where did the hatred of September 11, 2001. There are camel.

Gas in Belgium seems to have agreed and not in favor of Gazprom, and politically it turns out that Russia threw Ukraine gas lifeline. Although really should not save them. You are evil and adults that chose again Atenokol da Piosenek Yes Lyashko, so sit marshite, the national revolution so real, with newtablename areas, with hunger,with typhoid fever. Now go through all of this, come talk.

And it was rain with their money.

In essence European States pay bills of their satellite State due to Ukraine fought against us.

However, after signing in Brussels suddenly it became clear that European States can at any time stop payments for Ukrainian gas. But these are details, trait their practical trading natures.

France during the “socialist” françois Hollande behaves like a whore in a brothel. I will give “Mistral”will not give “Mistral”. Now even fired an employee of the company which is building the ship, the man who informed the office of Dmitry Ragozin in Russia “Mistral” will give in mid-November.

This is exactly the behavior of the girls. Not solid, bazaar women, which are brothel behaviors. Ladies, not ladies!

But we are also good, why have you ordered from them?
If technocrats do not want to build missile carrier, we might lure foreign engineers for large money.

From Donbass militia is writing that they will give (followed by obscene word) Kiev troops already on the days.
From Mariupol, I heard, their national guard displays yellow and blue and they mine important urban buildings.

So those France, Germany and the United States plus that Bra are such cases. Please note that.

It was morning sermon about foreign affairs. I, Eduard Limonov.



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