The US Pukes

extreme yank nonsense
Published on niqnaq blog based on Thank You for Your Valor, Thank You for Your Service, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…
Rory Fanning,, Oct 27 2014

Similar propaganda hype, worshiping own US hubris and US leaders and elites who show utmost contempts for all Earth people, was included in Dante’s Peak. I found the right chunk I hated to view it during watching the film, which nearly smelled the unbearable US pukes without much imagination.

Nota bene, I like the movie in spite of the “horrific” scientific trash, but the most I’m fond of the actors and their plays.

Let’s back to text from niqnaq.

This Veterans Day, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Rihanna, Dave Grohl, and Metallica will be among numerous artists who will head to the National Mall in Washington DC on Nov 11 for ‘The Concert For Valor,’ an all-star event that will pay tribute to armed services.

Special guests at the Concert for Valor were to include: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg. The mission of the concert, according to a press release, was to “raise awareness” of veterans issues and “provide a national stage for ensuring that veterans and their families know that their fellow Usaians’ gratitude is genuine.” Former Sec Def Gates and former JCoS Mullen were to serve in an advisory capacity, and Starbucks, HBO, and JP Morgan Chase were to pay for it all. HBO chairman Richard Plepler said:

We are honored to play a small role to help raise awareness and support for our service men and women.

These two ceremonies seemed to catch a particular mood, reflected in so many similar if more up-to-date versions of the same. They might have benefited from a little “awareness raising” when it came to what the Usaian military has actually been doing these last years, not to say decades, beyond our borders. They certainly summed up much of the frustration I was feeling with the Concert for Valor. Plenty of thank yous, for sure, but no history when it came to what the thanks were being offered for in, say, Iraq or Afghanistan, no statistics on taxpayer dollars spent or where they went, or on innocent lives lost and why. Will the “Concert for Valor” mention the trillions of dollars rung up terrorizing Muslim countries for oil, the ratcheting up of the police and surveillance state in this country since 9/11, the hundreds of thousands of lives lost thanks to the wars of Bush 43 and Barack Obama? Is anyone going to dedicate a song to Chelsea Manning, or John Kiriakou, or Edward Snowden, two of them languishing in prison and one in exile, for their service to the Usaian people? Will the Concert for Valor raise anyone’s awareness when it comes to the fact that, to this day, veterans lack proper medical attention, particularly for mental health issues, or that there is a veteran suicide every 80 minutes in this country? Let’s hope they find time in between drum solos, but myself, I’m not counting on it.

Preparations for gig going on… 🙂 (As usual in the US.)

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