Neverending Tormenting Dreams on Novorossia…

First of all, this steak below is for all parties participating in cutting the tidbit, Putin knows it very well. 🙂 And he has agreed for it! 🙂

From The Art of David Dees cartoon image gallery

Let’s go to niqnaq now.

i suppose i ought to clarify my perspective, once again, for people who don’t understand it

I’m sad a little niqnaq lost himself in his elocution and wrote rather chaotic post. If he chopped his posts to smaller chapters it’d be more understandable and giving more time and “mental space” for pondering his remarks.

Anyway it was not bad, albeit controversial and debatable or at least asking new important questions, so I make myself a liberty to quote salient fragments, of course, from my point of view. According to my line of thinking, especially found in former blog of mine (I deleted it for few rational causes.)

They are intended to spend most of their time arguing, yes of course he is deluded, but on balance he is still the best possible leader we can rally around, he has charisma, he can be presented with somewhat of a mystical aura, there must be lots of people who will be entranced by his semi-mythic image as the God-sent Saviour who rides to the rescue of the tormented Mother Russia and her sad children (and I make no mistake here, Mother Russia really is tormented and her children really are sad, the distress is real and I have no intention of ridiculing it).

Psychological warfare is a very nasty, ruthless business: it intends to capitalise upon your distress, your pain, and your agony. This torment is real, and it is part of the business of psychological warfare to perpetuate it and capitalise upon it. What I am trying to do is show you a real way out of this, to rescue you from your tormented dreams.

I did not find the rescue ways in that short summery, alas. It’s great omission for such interesting (really!) “resume” of his Marxist views.

But Putin will fall, in the aftermath of the Novorossian catastrophe; his bogus “85% approval rating” will suddenly collapse into an equally bogus “30% approval rating” or something like that, and a great whirlwind of political activism on every level will remove him.

Possibly Strelkov will become the new head of state. If so, then he will mount a gigantic campaign of national self-renewal which will become the pretext for a full-scale war of the western powers upon Russia, which Russia will eventually lose, because although it has plenty of gas, it does not have plenty of oil, and the Western powers, with the aid of the various horrible Islamist terrorist organisations, will act to prevent oil from reaching Russia from the Caucasus. This is not a war which Russia would be well advised to precipitate. But we shall see.

I must add here few words. Putin is a fall stooge but still being kept on his throne through artificially sustained process as Great Savior of Russia. I wrote earlier this remark – he badly needs the West – he will do everything, he even strangles dead Novorossia, in order to have the German financial and technological resources. To make a deal he will never overtly move into Ukraine and never make Novorossia Army strong enough to enter Kharkiv, Mariupol and Odessa (Kiev is valid but, ho, ho! It is not Putin who reigns over the events.)

Have a nice day to all. 🙂


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