The Revival Of The “Eagles”

The Revival Of The “Eagles”
30-01-2014, 13:35 • Publ.: sattay • Cont.: 3086 • Comm.: 10 • Army and Navy

Northern machine-building enterprise in Severodvinsk has been actively upgrading the heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARC project “Eagle”) “Admiral Nakhimov”.

The contract with the Russian defense Ministry to repair this ship signed in may 2013. Technical project prepares the Severnoye design Bureau”, and he designed a series of large surface atomic heaviness cruisers. Schedule for 2014 are already made.

Modernization of “Admiral Nakhimov” began with the dismantling of large-scale equipment and systems that need replacement and repair. This will reduce the weight of the structure that will facilitate the translation from the berth in the liquid pool of the company. Special pontoons for this operation already produced at the Sevmash.

In the process of comprehensive modernization of the shipbuilders take into account the experience “Vikramaditya” aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy, “turned” from Soviet aircraft carrying cruiser “Admiral Gorshkov”. Reconstruction of “Admiral Nakhimov” will be no less complex. After all, if the carrier was the minimum number of weapons, the main task of the ship was to ensure take-off and landing aircraft, “Nakhimov” – heavy nuclear missile cruiser, which had adopted in almost all kinds of military and technical means established for military surface ships.

Recall, from 1973 to 1996, the Baltic plant city on the Neva project Severnoye design Bureau was built four “White”: “Kirov” (since 1992 – “Admiral Ushakov”). “Frunze” (since 1992 – “Admiral Lazarev”), Kalinin (since 1992 – “Admiral Nakhimov”and “Kuibyshev” (which was initially in the “Yuri Andropov”and then in “Peter the Great”).

Currently on alert is only Turk “Peter the Great”, however, with modernization “Nakhimov” expected second life world’s largest cruisers, designed to destroy large ships (surface and submarine), onshore facilities and protect the fleet from air and submarine forces of the enemy.

Two nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 600 MW allow each of the 251-foot “sea Eagles” displacement is 24.5 thousand tons, a maximum speed of 31 knots. Armed with nuclear-powered submarines – winged “Granit”missiles, anti-aircraft missile complex “Fort”, anti-aircraft anti-aircraft system “OSA-MA, anti-submarine missile system “Waterfall”, the gun mount AK-130, three helicopters Ka-27 and other equipment. It is assumed that the reconstruction of the “Admiral Nakhimov” will be completed in 2018, after which it will begin the modernization of another “White”.

“Admiral Nakhimov” will be the most powerful ship in the world
18-10-2014, 00:04 • Publ.: sattay • Cont.: 15183 • Comm.: 47 • the Army and Navy

After completion of the modernization of heavy nuclear cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” he will become more powerful than the most terrible of the Russian ships, the flagship of the Northern fleet “Peter the Great”, said TASS Director General of the North design Bureau that developed the project of the cruiser, Vladimir Spiridoula.

The heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” continues to move across the Atlantic
28-10-2013, 14:38 • Publ.: Apolitikus • Cont.: 1199 • Comm.: 2 • Army and Navy

Trek cruiser “Peter the Great” is part of the resumption of the regular presence of ships of the Navy of Russia in the strategically important regions of the World ocean and will last for several months.

Search explanation of “Eagles” from the title in the following article found in Wikipedia: Kirov-class battlecruiser

In Russia this class of ship is usually referred to by the designation Project 1144 Orlan (sea eagle). Only the Pyotr Velikiy is still operational, but Russia plans to reactivate the remaining three vessels by 2020.

A starboard bow view of the Soviet Kirov Class nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser FRUNZE underway. (Soviet Military Power, 1986. published by Defense Intelligence Agency.)
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