IV Reich Unter der Linden

Nice title for EU under barbaric control by Germans in a person of German Chancellor Madame Angela Merkel. Linden means lime and lime is not only a tree but in some expressions it means shit, fake or swizz.

I found images and texts in politikus.ru, one of many Russian services covering tragic events in fascist Ukraine where Russians are being murdered on day by day basis. I used Yandex prefix to present it in English language for readers.

I hope you’ll like the short story. 🙂

I got more stuff for such histories told by images, the important meaning you’ll get reading posts directed to by captions.

Merkel: Kiev should not assume that Brussels will pay Ukrainian debts for gas

Merkel was offended (by Putin) and immediately “hit” (him with) Boeing

Merkel has offered to pay the debt of Ukraine at the expense of the taxpayers of the EU

About the German plan to return to the traditional areas of influence of the (IV) Reich in Eastern Europe

Modern German and Mrs Merkel in a nutshell, isn’t it? 🙂 Nice reading!

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